Off The Top of My Head

4 years ago

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We say to look good is to feel good.  Or is it, to to feel good is to look good?  My tendency is to believe the latter, but either way, when the looking is good, your hair is good-looking.  No way around it.  Whether it's because hair is top of the heap that is you, and frames your face and your eyes, the windows to your soul; cliches abound. When our hair looks good, so do we.

Now, at any given time in my life, the attention I've paid my hair is a clue to what's going on with me.  I've always felt pretty lucky with my draw of the hair lottery; I have wavy, thick hair, that, yes, is heading to the grays, but still holds up under my scrutiny. 

And for many years, I'd just wash, condition and towel dry, kind of liking my natural look. 

Then, a longtime aquaintance who owns a shop I use a few times a year, grabbed my arm in a non-shopkeeper way.  This started a vast change in my biorhythms and so, in the attention I paid my hair.

At the time, my hair was about as long as I let it get, and I thought, fairly pretty and lush.  This ever to get stranger shop-fellow, began to quiz me on why I didn't just cut my hair?  Just for a change?  Now, no man in all my life was ever for me cutting my hair.  Not if they at all cared how I look.

Paying lot's of attention to our hair, changing it, spending lots of dough on special rejuvenators, implies that we are back to caring what we look like, possibly after a period of not caring called shlumping around.  This is positive.  Of course, there's another side which is rampant insecurity, where what was just fine no longer is.

Either way, the do on our domes act as the flower of a plant - letting us know when something is changing, and a little observation from overhead (we all have that, even if we can't see it) is a good thing!

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