Ten Gifts I'm Giving This Year

6 years ago

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Whether you are a strong supporter of Black Friday, prefer to celebrate Buy Nothing Day, or support Small Business Saturday, the holiday shopping season has arrived. Do you know what you're buying? Are there still some holes in your shopping list? Can I help? I thought I'd share ten gifts that I'm giving this year -- even if it means risking the surprise for my family members who hang on every word that I write. (Hi TW! Hi mom! Hi Prince J! Hi! Hi! Hi! Nope, none of these are for you. Really. I swear!)

1) A unicycle. Damn, I've gone my whole life without ever having to put a bicycle together (except for that time when I was 14 and had a crush on a biker guy who taught us how to take apart and put together bikes... errr I took it apart just fine but don't think I ever quite managed to get it back together again properly, sorry dad!) and here I am with a unicycle -- in pieces. Pray for me, please.



2) A Tassimo. Oh how we love the Tassimo. It saves my life at least once a day, and I can't wait to gift my son with his very own elixir of life giving machine. He's going to love it and it's the gift that keeps on giving x2 since I'll be the one funding his addiction to the Tassimo by sending him new T-Discs every month.



3) A mustache mug. I really don't understand why one of my children loves the mustache so much, but I'm more than happy to feed her fixation with this cute mug. Now if I can just convince her not to leave a half drunk mug of hot chocolate in the living room every night...


mustache mug

4) Just Dance 2. TW and RJ had so much fun with Just Dance 2 at BlogHer 10 that it's a no-brainer. We must have this. Don't worry, I'll take video of the whole clan dancing their A**es off. You can thank me later for that.


5) Bitch Magazine. For years Michelle-belle has been asking for a subscription to Bitch and every year I've forgotten to get it. Then, she started volunteering at the Civic Media Center where they have the magazine readily available for her, so I thought she didn't need a subscription. But no, there it is, on her wish list again. And this year, she's getting it.


Bitch Magazine

6) A Titanium Spork. What? Don't judge a geek by her spork, k.



7) Journals and notepads from Xoelle. I love these so much -- I wish I'd bought one for myself. Oh wait, maybe I did...


monopoly notepads

8) Books! Rare Words (1 and 2) for the child whose vocabulary isn't pretentious enough, and Complicated Relationships: Conversation on Polyamory and Anarchy for the child who is determined to give her grandmother a heart attack.


Rare Words

9) Cool T-shirts and Hoodies like "Know Your Nerds" for someone who likes visual clues to aid in nerd recognition, the Ada Lovelace hero shirt for the boy who knows women are geeks too, and this awesome snake tee that makes me kind of wish I liked snakes. OK, not really but it's cool, isn't it?


Know your nerds hoodie

10) An iPad or a netbook. Oy, this one is still up in the air. TW's sister ditched her laptop because "it didn't work" and now she needs... something. TW suggested the iPad because her sister is disabled and she thought the lightweight, easy to use iPad was an awesome idea. TW's mom thought it was not... until she saw Oprah give them away. Now she thinks the iPad would be a great idea for Julia. As much as I love my iPad and think the entire world should have one, I'm all angsty about it because it ticks me that people decide things are are cool only because Oprah says so. If I have any say, Julia's getting a damn netbook.



Do you see anything here that helps you fill the holes in your list? Can I help you track down something else for that hard to shop for family member? Would you like to share a few of the gifts you're giving this year? I bet the gifts you are giving are much better than Oprah's.

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