The Sweet Smell of Stink

3 years ago

Everyone has their own reason for wearing perfume or cologne. For most, it makes them feel sexy or more confident. I've noticed, in years past, as we come to the close of winter, the number of people wearing perfume or cologne increases. The scent of fruits and flowers rapidly fills the air all around us -- the problem is, it shouldn't. 

Far too many people put themselves in the position of the proverbial "French whore" (no disrespect to the French or whores). For those that may not understand the meaning of that phrase, it was said that French whores wore large amounts of perfume to cover up the smell of sex until they could get to a bath. Most people wear their fragrance as if they are trying to cover up the smell of something. 

It seems to have been long forgotten that perfumes and colognes were meant to accent our natural body odor, not cover it up. The fragrance should softly accentuate our natural scent, not become our scent. 

Honestly, when is the last time you stepped into someone's personal space and was pleasantly surprised by the soft scent of their perfume or cologne? For me, it is a rarity to experience, but when I step into a man's personal space who is wearing colonge properly, that faint frangrance mingled with his own scent is a most pleasant surprise and turn on, after all, it is meant to be a personal experience. 

Why is it, so often, we can tell when a partticular person has left the room simply by the scent they have left behind or they have recently left the elevator? Most perfumes and colognes come in spray bottles now. This causes a problem for people who have never been taught to wear perfume or cologne properly. People tend to spray the fragrance directly on their skin or clothing, but when the first fragrances were created they came in bottles that either had a top with a stem attached to it that would be used to apply the fragrance or we would place our finger over the opening and apply it with our finger. 

The fragrance would be sparingly applied behind the ears, on the bend of the arms, the wrist, behind the knees, or in the cleavage of our bosom, areas of the body that naturally generate heat and releases the fragrance along with our natural scent. When we use a spray bottle, we should spray it into the air once, no more than twice and step into the mist. After all, fragrances were designed to be a pleasant surprise for our lover, not every person that walks in a room we once occupied. 

Too much perfume or cologne does not smell good, on the contrary, it stinks. People that decide they want to refresh their fragrance on the train or bus are beyond rude, espeially if an asthmatic is near. For an asthmatic, a spray fragrance on a train or bus is nothing more than a chemical assualt in a closed in area they can't escape. 

I had a friend that went looking for her new love each spring. Wearing her perfume correctly, she'd pull a vamp (seduction) by stepping into a man's personal space. Some felt uncomfortable at first, but one wiff of her natural body scent and perfume and they were not moving an inch. They were intrigued by anything she had to say. Just imagine what their reaction would have been if they had been approached with the sweet smell of stink.

Do you agree?

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