The 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Study

4 years ago

Last year we launched our first Fall Style Study, and we're happy to be back surveying women about what they love, and what they really love this year! Today we announced the results of our 2013 Style Study, in partnership with Taubman Centers.

This August  the 2013 BlogHer-Taubman Style Study was fielded to 1,609 female respondents, aged 18 and older. Of the respondents, 821 were members of the BlogHer Visionaries Panel, and 787 were members of the general U.S. population.   Following are some of the key findings from our look at the style habits of the women in our community:

Hemlines (and Hopes) Going Up?

A century-old economic theory holds that hemlines rise and fall with the economy. Based on that association, we asked women to predict where hemlines would go this fall: Ankle-dusting maxi skirts predicting “uncertain times ahead”; just below the knee indicating “cautious optimism”; above the knee implying “light at the end of the tunnel”; or micro-mini proclaiming “good news ahead!”

  • 47 percent of women see light at the end of the tunnel and“above the knee” hemlines
  • Millennials were four times more likely than Baby Boomers to see “Good times ahead!” predicting “micro-mini skirts”
  • A contrarian 10 percent forecast ankle-dusting maxi skirts to be the trend this fall (but that has not been the case so far on the runways)

Women and Wearable Tech

Wearable technology is hot on the tech scene, but hasn’t yet crossed over to fashion accessory. Of all the types of current wearable technology, women are most open to joining the “Quantified Self” movement, with 41 percent stating they would wear a fitness tracker.

  • Millennials are more interested than any other generation of women in every kind of wearable tech, from glasses to watches to clothing
  • Indicating a gateway to wearable tech, 74 percent of women now rely solely on their smartphone to tell the time

Never Too Much of a Good Thing

When it comes to what women love, there’s no such thing as too much.

  • One in eight women has more than 50 pairs of shoes! A whopping 43 percent own between 20-49 pairs
  • One third of women carry a purse weighing in at six pounds or more, with women in the Northeast three times more likely to carry a 10+ pound purse than women in the Northwest

Undercover and Under The Covers

The survey uncovered some generational trends under our clothing and our covers:

  • While 38 percent of all women wear the number-one undergarment choice, bikini briefs, thongs edge out bikini briefs as number-one for Millennials.
  • Two-thirds of all women wear “comfy stuff” like flannel or sweats to bed, however a robust 22 percent sleep “in the buff,” including just as many Boomers as Millennials

For more fashion foward tips about women and style, you can download the entire infographic above, or select the individual pieces that you are interested in from the links below.


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The Style Survey

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