Stiletto Solutions for Fearless Feet

6 years ago

I'm far from a flats-only type of girl, but I'm also pretty practical. I know for a fact that I'm a lot more fun when my feet aren't killing me, and if I'm wearing heels, there's a good chance I'm somewhere I'd like to be having fun. Therefore, unless I've been guaranteed a short walk from the car and a seat for the entire evening, I'm generally in shoes that are reasonably comfortable.

As you might imagine, this means my sexy shoe collection is somewhat limited. I've learned that I can generally wear wedges without much trouble, and heels up to three inches or so are generally fine. But increasingly over the past year, I've found myself drawn to seriously high heels. The kind with a slight platform and slim stem. The kind that make me at least six feet tall. And I became determined to find a pair I could make work.

I did a bit of shopping around, and found some great options at Nordstrom Rack. (What? You didn't think I would pay full price for a pair of shoes I'm only going to wear occasionally, did you?) Because of the platform, even the super high heel was surprisingly comfortable, but after trying on numerous brands in three different sizes, I realized I had a problem -- every single one was sliding off my heel, even when the shoe itself was slightly too small.

I'm sure this had something to do with the way I walk and the pitch and the heel height and, well, who knows what else, but I was determined to find the perfect pair of black heels and make them work. I chose a pair that I really loved, in matte black with a peep-toe, and started researching my options for helping them stay put.

I narrowed it down to two possibilities -- a cushion for the ball of the foot, which would provide some squishy comfort and push the foot backward a bit, or heel cushions, which attach to the inside of the shoe, behind your heel, keeping the shoe in place and keeping the heel from rubbing into the back of the foot (both $5.19 at

I opted for the latter, and oh my gosh, you guys. Why didn't I explore this world of shoe accessories earlier? This little $5 purchase took the comfort level from somewhere around a 4 to a 7 or 8, easily. The first night I wore them out, I had them on for over six hours, much of it standing, and my feet were remarkably fine. Now I just can't wait to try out the ball of foot cushions on some of my other shoes to see what a difference they make!

Don't get me wrong -- I've relied on a few other tricks to make ill-fitting shoes a bit more wearable, particularly Bodyglide, which is one of the greatest products known to man ($8.29 at and fold-up flats to keep in my purse. But I'm sure there are other amazing products out there I haven't tried. What products do you rely on to treat your feet when you want to wear sexy shoes? Or do you stick to sensible flats?

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