Spring Trends 2012: You Can Take the Girl Out Of The 80s But You Can't Take the 80s Out Of The Girl

6 years ago
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I’m a child of the eighties. The eighties in Los Angeles. A Valley Girl through and through. So it makes perfect sense to me why women, myself included, are stacking bracelets and watches the way we do - it’s like jelly bracelets and Swatch watches and friendship bracelets all grown up. Like, totally.

Lately, as I pass storefront displays, they all seem to be flashbacks to what I call Graceland Days. I was eight years old when Paul Simon’s Graceland was released and more than once I’ve written about how many memories are tied to the songs on that well-worn cassette (later CD and then the mp3).

I'm seeing racks of clothes in neons a la the Body Glove bathing suit I so loved, floral prints like the silk Esprit shirt I wore with everything from hot pink satin pants to denim shorts - all I need is a purple splatter painted baseball cap like the one I had from Fred Segal, and I can relive the seriously scary clash of color and pattern that was the mid-eighties.

They say if you wore a trend the first time around, you should pass when it makes a return. I don’t care what “they” say. As I walked out of the Gap last week with a pair of neon pink ballet flats, I was a happy woman. When I tried them on, I actually snapped an Instagram and posted “You can take the girl out of the 80s, but you can’t take the 80s out of the girl.” -- It’s true.


Those colors and patterns are deeply embedded in my soul, forever intertwined with the scent of night blooming jasmine and the hum of Paul Simon's “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.”

I have no plans to sport a fluorescent yellow minidress or a floral one-piece jumpsuit, though I’m seeing both in abundance. But it’s possible to take the trends of one’s childhood and make them work with who you are twenty-something years later. The key is adding in the color and pattern just enough to embrace the past while remaining who you are today.

GET WILD (just a little bit) If you didn’t get the memo, leopard print denim is the blogger’s new French mariner striped tee. I picked up a pair at Target and within a week saw both Laura and Morgan mention them.


They’re perfect for embracing print - I threw mine on today with a comfy white tee, coral necklace and black flats. Other days I’ve worn them with a black boatneck top or a slouchy camel colored sweater.

I’m also loving the colored denim at the Gap, and floral pants at H&M and Forever 21. Oh, and Target does the leopard print in gray, too. (FYI, online says they’re sold out online and in stores, but I'm seeing them in stores - I picked up a pair.)

COLOR ME MINE Chartreuse beads with a favorite charcoal gray sweater (I’m loving this one), a neon pink belt over a navy shirtdress, a statement necklace in bright coral or turquoise. Accessories are the way to I’m adding bright colors of spring without looking like I’m trying too hard.


Yesterday, I paired an enameled teal necklace from J. Crew with a sundress and a denim shirt - perfect for springtime in LA. Another day, I wore a striped tee with a necklace that reminded me of the plastic charms we used to wear and trade in 2nd grade. (Fittingly, the hot pink glasses were a find in Target’s girls department.)

I’m finding color inspiration everywhere from Kate Spade to H&M to the beauty counter. I rarely wear anything other than red or pale pink on my nails, but I picked up a mint green polish by Sally Hansen at Walgreens that I love and found a neon pink from Zoya I'll use for my next pedicure.

I'm feeling a lot more colorful, and haven’t had to invest in a new wardrobe to do so.

Bonus: I think a few of these of-the-moment picks will be sticking around awhile, like the watermelon pink thin wale cords that I love (after BlogHer wrote about colored denim). Lately, I’ve been pairing them with some glittery flats from J. Crew I've had a long time. I’ve always have a thing for ballet shoes but these glitter covered beauties make me smile. One day, a friend saw them and said I had diamonds on the soles of my shoes. Now I smile every time I wear them, looking down at my Graceland shoes.

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