Skin Care for Preschoolers?

4 years ago

Preschool Skin Care RoutineSince my daughter was about one year old she has diligently sat in the bathroom and watched me work through my routine each night.  She has studied each step as I have removed my makeup, washed my face, followed with cleansing lotion, and then slathered on moisturizer.

She has never been one to hide from questions, so I have explained each and every step several times. Why I do it. What it does. Where it comes from. And the list goes on.

And then a few weeks ago it happened.  As I was prepping my cotton ball with that glorious pink clensing lotion I heard "Mom, can I use some of that?"

What would it hurt? Nothing came to mind so I smeared some all over her face.  I grabbed my moisturizer and heard it again "I need some of that too."

I put a little dab of the yellow stuff in her hand and let her rub it all over her face.  She smiled and told me she really liked it.  I like it too honey. It's a must-have for sure.

And each night has followed the same routine. And now I sit and wonder.  Am I completely screwing up my four year old with a night time facial routine, or am I actually doing her a favor?

My mom never taught me anything about skin care or hair care. My first pimple popped up around age 10, and at age 34 I still deal with adult acne.  I was 21 and in college when I discovered a skin care routine. A routine that I still use today because it keeps my face clean, my pores hidden, and my acne cleared up.

Had I had the fortunate experience of discovering skin care at a young age would I have all these acne scars? Would I have weird creases, lines and blotches all over my face from too much sun with out SPF, the wrong products, and years of going to bed with a dirty face?

Now I'm not about to run to the local skin-care counter and purchase my daughter my beloved 3-Step System. She's only four for goodness sake (and that stuff is good, but a little pricey).  But I wonder if it isn't a bad idea to take her to the local drugstore, purchase a few store brand items, and start teaching her about proper skin care routines.  Should I try to instill in her habits that I learned much too late in life?

What do you think?

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