Share with me your purchases so that I don't go broke!

10 years ago
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So, I have come too far to turn back! I have finally realized the impact that my shopping has made on our wallets. And I came up with this ingenious idea that may or may not work; but it is definetely worth a try. Join me!

The problem: I can be in town for almost any reason, when I get side tracked and begin shopping. Several hundred $$$ later, and I am rushing home to get the kids off of the bus. Or, I can be at home sweeping. Then, one of many websites, such as or, makes its way right where I can't resist it. And this urge just comes over me. I am a shop-a-holic!

The BIG IDEA: With a little help from you all out there, maybe I can get over my spending habits. "How?", you say. Simply list your purchases that you make each day here. Don't forget to tell me which color, scent, fabric, texture, in detail. Then, maybe I can get over this obsession without spending another cent. Well, that's a little far. But, maybe I can get some satisfaction from your purchases and discussing the things we have in common.

So, what have you bought today???