Self-Tanner Changed My Life. No, Really.

5 years ago

Confession: I am a fair-skinned Fiona. Yep. A white Winifred. A pasty Patty.

Why is that a confession? Because these days, I get regular compliments on my "olive" complexion.

I have to laugh inside whenever it happens, because little do my admirers know that in reality I am a pale Pollyanna. And on top of that, I am a freckled Francesca. My skin is no easy thing to work with!  And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to share with you my favorite beauty product: SELF-TANNER!

Self -tanner has kind of changed my life. OK, that might be a little dramatic ... but seriously. I had been in the habit of caking on the face makeup, to hide my freckles and even out my blotchy skin tone. But we all know how fabulous caked-on makeup looks. It washed me out, and was so obviously overdone that it hid all my natural beauty.

Self-tanner changed all that.  

Most of my friends only used it on their legs, and even then, only in the summer. But I saw the product's true potential. I started using it on my upper body as well, including my face. I quickly discovered that it blended my freckled skin tone and took the edge off of my painfully pale complexion.

I had to learn my application tactics the hard way, but then, having the stuff on my FACE was a major motivation to get the application right. I discovered that the best method was to put the tanner on my face just like I was applying moisturizer, but a little less haphazardly.  I tried to really remember that everywhere I was putting the tanner would turn a darker color, and everywhere I wasn't putting it would remain pasty white. I was especially careful around my hairline, eyebrows, ears, and jaw line. I realized <i>quickly</i> that it was extremely important to blend down onto my neck to avoid having a massive, creepy line.  In time, I perfected the art of applying the stuff and started using it as a regular part of my beauty regimen. I'd apply every other day or so, which maintained my color and kept me from drifting back to my naturally pasty pale self.  

Oh -- one other thing I learned very fast: WASH. YOUR. HANDS.  IMMEDIATELY!!! If I didn't thoroughly scrub my hands with soap and water right after applying the tanner, disaster was imminent. One thing I haven't tried (but fully intend to) is using gloves made specifically for self-tanner application.  

Today, I still use self-tanner on an every-other-day basis and swear by it as a beauty staple. Don't get me wrong; I'm all about embracing your natural look. But isn't that the whole point of makeup and beauty products? To enhance what is already there naturally? I may not have been born with an olive complexion, but I was born with adorable freckles, which I'm now able to appreciate because I can make them blend a little better by using self-tanner.


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