In Search of a Suit: My Personal Shopping Experience with Fabuliss

7 years ago

Suiting 3Shopping

I remember when shopping was fun, lasted all day and ended with lots of shopping bags being hauled to the car. Alas, those days are over.

These days a shopping trip usually means running into a store grabbing a few pieces of clothing, usually sale items, and briskly heading to the dressing room. After rejecting most of the pieces, I go back for one more round and try again. I can usually find a couple of great deals that I like; mostly jeans and black sweaters and tops.

I have given up shopping at department stores, besides Kohl's and Target. They are just too overwhelming, stocked with so many brands and styles. I simply do not have that amount of time to devote to shopping anymore. I usually go to Ann Taylor, Loft, Banana Republic and Gap where the selections are limited and the sales abound as of late.

Panel Member

When I was invited to participate in two panel discussions in the month of March {one on Monday in New York sponsored by Consumer Reports and the U.S. Department of Transportation on the subject of distracted driving; and the other here in the Twin Cities on March 18th at the Social Media Breakfast on the subject of Social Media and the Law}, I knew it was time to REALLY shop.

Personal Shopper

I contacted Sasha Westin of Fabuliss. Sasha offers several services including personal shopping, closet makeovers, seasonal updates, remote styling, private style parties, etc. I chose the personal shopping option to help find a professional, yet stylish suit for my panel engagements.Hand & earring

It has been six years since I had a need to wear or shop for a suit. In fact, in December, at a private style party with Sasha, hosted by my friend, Molly Snyder of The Snyder 5, I gave all my "old" suits to Sasha to donate to Dress for Success Twin Cities.

I had no idea where to start. I knew I needed a suit, but other than that, I was open to whatever Sasha presented to me. Sasha and I met at an Ann Taylor. I promptly went to the dressing room and waited. Sasha proceeded to bring suits of various colors, styles and sizes. I tried on, gave a thumbs up or down and she kept coming and going with a steady stream of clothAnna in dressing roomes. We also went to Macy's, but were both fairly disappointed with their suit selection.

The whole process took a little over two hours. It was really nice to have someone who had a professional opinion about style, fit and color helping in the dressing room.


  The Suit

Instead of just a photo of me in my suit, I decided to do a video blog (vlog) for the 1st time showing you my whole outfit. I do have a few disclaimers: 1) I say in the video that by the time you see this I will have worn it in NY, but that's not true. I decided to go ahead and post it now rather than waiting until Monday. So, if you don't like the suit, keep it to yourself, please; 2) I talk with my hands...a lot; and 3) I'm fighting a cold hence the coughing, etc.



Scarf and necklaceThings I Learned

  • Check petite sizes if you seem to be stuck between two sizes and you have a short waist or short legs, etc. It might work. It did for me.
  • If you are "cool" wear silver rather than gold when it comes to jewelry.
  • You can wear a deep red/burgundy shoe with almost anything.
  • Metallic is great paired with just about anything.Annas suit 2

The Scoop

Do you have some styling needs? Spring fashion is making its way into stores now...better call Sasha at Fabuliss to get a jumpstart on this season's wardrobe. And remember, Sasha can do remote styling using a photo. So, if you are in need of professional style help whether you live in the Twin Cities or somewhere else, contact Sasha. You can also access Fabuliss by clicking the ad on the right sidebar.

I'm getting ready to go to New York today, and I'll be posting about the event, distracted driving and what I'm taking to read on the airplane on Sunday. On Monday, I'll be posting the points I hope to cover during the panel discussion. How did you like the vlog? Do I look Fabuliss? {If your answer is anything but yes, shush!} Over and out...


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