Revenge, when a NYX palette bites back.

3 years ago

Last Saturday I finally got my hair done, Yay, and on my way home I could not not stop by Ulta. Even though I don’t like how they repackage used cosmetics, even though I don’t like their coupon policy I still enjoy Essence Make up and NYX so I stopped.

I purchased a couple of things, nothing major but on my way out I saw a small display for NYX’s new Revenge palette; I had to buy it.

At $ 24.99 it seemed to be a pretty fair deal and I really enjoy other items from the brand so off to the register I went.

Once at home it was Christmas all over again, lol.

So let’s get down to it shall we?

The palette is a magnetic closure box with an insert with the make-up and a mirror on the lid.

You can quite easily depot all of the items and transfer them to a Z palette and use the box for something else, at over 1 inch in thickness it is not travel friendly.

This kit contains: 10 eye shadows, 3 blushes and 6 lip glosses, you also get two small cards designed to help you achieve either a “Victoria” look or an “Emily”. This kit completely lacks a black pencil, mascara or even those useless little brushes that you usually get with a palette so from the start I do not consider this a full look palette, now let me give you the details.

The eye shadows:

Reckoning- this is a light satin pinky shade that you can use as a highlight or a wash of color all over your lid, it is pretty smooth and feels buttery to the touch it does lack in pigmentation so you will be packing color on your lid for a while.

Truth- this is a matte eggshell creamy white. It is chalky and doesn’t go on smoothly on your lids, not even with a primer and you will experience some severe fall out. Out of all the shades I really wanted this to work and I really hate it.

Destiny- this is your classic copper, it is shimmery and has a decent color payoff with the usual fall out.

Revelations- this is a matte caramel/camel color. Like the other matte shade it lacks in color pay off and it can be quite chalky.

Intrigue- this is the only cool tone brown in the palette. It is what I consider a mid to dark tone, shimmery with almost no color payoff. Not a fan.

Vendetta- this is a gray/green shade, shimmery again there’s very little pigmentation so you will be building this color for a while.

Power- this is your rune of the mill shimmer charcoal gray, there’s really nothing to it.

Charade- this is another pretty typical color, it’s a light shimmery gray (hello Smokey eye).

Infinity- this is a mid-tone gray, shimmery and not very pigmented.

Duplicity- This is the absolute stand out shade, it’s a pretty chocolate brown with ruby undertones, shimmery and with good color payoff. Out of all the shades this is my favorite, you could also call it a Burgundy.

The Blushes:

Secrets- aptly named because nobody will ever be able to see, not even you. It’s supposed to be a pale matte pink but it ends up giving little color pay off and being streaky.

Illusion- this is a warm brownie (light) peachy mess, too light to be called a Terra cotta and too dark to be called a Coral, it has a sheen and if you have a medium skin tone it will look natural and cute.

Chaos- this is a warm midtone pink and it gave me a run for my money when I tried to use it. It has no color payoff and after twenty minutes of going pan-tap-face repeat I gave up and used another blush.

The lip-glosses:

Love- it’s a cherry red, goes on sheer.

Intuition- it’s supposed to be a nude shade but it’s an invisible shade (I will upload a video on YouTube and you will be able to see the dent I put in the pan).

Masquerade- it’s a glittery peachy pink with no punch.

Infamy- it’s another light pink but without any glitter, still no pigmentation.

Wrath- it’s a deep pink that gives your lips that my lips but better look.

Envy- it’s a classic true red and the most pigmented of the bunch.

I will not bore you with my thoughts about the get the look cards, you will be able to hear them if you want went I upload my video on YouTube, my user name is MickeyMicky so if you would like to see me go at it like Bob the builder come visit J

In conclusion: I think that for $24 NYX should have spared the big, bulky box in favor of better shades like the one they have in many other palettes, this goes for all the elements of the kit because the only shade I do no hate is Duplicity, everything else is garbage albeit in a pretty box. I would have appreciated an attempt at giving this box either a black pencil or a decent matte black shadow; a mascara would have been super. For this price you can make your own Revenge kit and a much better one and still use NYX products. This brand has so many great items and I can’t understand why they would wrap up all of their worst in one big box and feed it to us. So no, don’t spend your money on this. I will dig around my affordable Gluten free make up and give you a complete Revenge kit and I will try to keep it within the same price range. Until later, take care.

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