Quick & Easy Closet Spring Cleaning

4 years ago

It can be dreadful to do, but spring cleaning your closet is a must. It can help you save money, make money, and look your absolute best. Whether your home is big or small, we can all use a little extra closet space to make room for new things. Cleaning your closet doesn’t have to be a big, drawn-out process. My tips and tricks are super quick and easy.

Credit Image: Rubbermaid Products on Flickr

Get Rid of Too Tight, Too Small, Deteriorating Clothes

The first step is to go through your clothes. Take out all your clothes and try them on. Get rid of the clothes you can no longer fit into. You know the ones I’m talking about. The wayyyyy too tight skirt and the pants that no longer button or are missing buttons and zippers, the peeling sweaters that have faded, yes, get rid of it. It’s easy to get attached to clothes, but when they’ve reached their life expectancy, it's time to pass them on.

Donate, Sell, Trash

After trying on your clothes, make some decisions. The clothes that are in good condition but for which you just no longer have love or don't fit should be donated to Goodwill, or you can sell them on Ebay or Big Cartel. It’s an easy way to make a little extra cash. Trash anything that is not in good condition or badly damaged.

Get Organizational Ideas

Besides shopping for new clothes, one of the fun things about spring cleaning is organizing your closet. I like to tear pictures from home magazines or utilize Pinterest for ideas on organizing and decorating my closet. Make a collage, assess your closet space and create an organizational plan that will work for your space.

Shop For Organizational Pieces

Once you have an idea of how you would like your closet to look, hit up your favorite big box stores like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or my favorite, The Container Store. Online sites like Oranizeit-online.com are helpful in achieving your best closet yet. Look for fabric bins and shelves to house your clothes.

No More Wire Hangers!

Joan Crawford said it best, “No more wire hangers!” In this day and age, no one should be using wire hangers. Step into the new millennium and buy Huggable hangers, plastic, or wood hangers. They will save you so much space, and your clothes will keep their shape. Also use fabric bins and shelves to keep sweaters and jeans in good condition.

You’ve Got To Coordinate

The key to keeping your closet organized is to set up some sort of coordination. You can hang your clothes up by color or arrange clothes by style. Whether you hang clothes from tops to pants and end with dresses, or hang clothes by season, arranging your closet will make getting dressed in the morning easier.

Organize Shoes

Use plastic shoe boxes to keep shoes neat and dust-free. Stacking shoes or placing them on shelves or inside cubes gives you more floor space.

That’s it, folks. All these steps can be done in one to two days, and now your closet has more room and is much easier to maneuver through.

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