Qhemet Biologics Burdock Butter Cream

9 years ago

Qhemet Biologics Burdock Butter Cream

Last week I finally got my sample of the Burdock Butter Cream from Qhemet Biologics ($16, online store). Many femmes with relaxed tresses or softer hair textures have complained that the consistency of the Amla and Olive Oil Heavy Cream is entirely too much to bare on their locks. However, they need something with a bit more hold and weight than the other moisturizers from this brand.
I agree. Sometimes the Heavy Cream can melt my curls in the summer or in warmer climates. During the winter, or when I straighten my hair, this product comes in handy. It leaft my hair with that perfect balance, not feeling parched or frizzy.
The Burdock Root benefits the skin on the scalp, soothing it and keeping the scalp clean without fungus or dandruff. The seeds of the plant have essential fatty acids, helping to moisturize the scalp while the other nutrients that play a factor in hair growth.

The cream itself was very soft, it with a light sweet floral scent, which personally agrees with my taste on fragrance. I love the Heavy Cream, but when the day heats up and I start to sweat, my hair can have the faint funk of Amla and Sulfur.

What makes this product unique and totally worth buying is Qhemet's habit of incorporating organic herbs to stimulate the scalp to grow hair. Simultainously their line solves all common issues. In this new moisturizer, they've put Nettle to make hair sprout and stop dandruff; Olive oil to penetrate and rebuild the shaft; Wheat to strengthen and draw moisture back into the tresses;Vegetable Gylcerin to seal the water into the strands.

I love how it softened my hair and kept my scalp from being burned by the blow dryer. It didn't leave my wet set heavy or sticky, but gave my soft ends and roots. Right now, having a pliable root is most vital, considering I am 3 months past my last relaxer touch-up and still intended to stretch for another month (getting a relaxer for my birthday). My scalp didn't feel dry after I leaft the house and dealtwith the confused weather conditions of Jacksonville--unbearably cold one second, blisteringly hot the next.
My curls didn't fall under the pressure and styling with this product was easier than with the Honey ad Olive Hydrating Balm, which can get a bit gloopy. However, my hair felt more moisturized than I can remember with the Olive Detangling Conditioner. I think this product is perfect for those with a softer curl pattern (2b-3b), relaxed-heads or naturals with too much oil production on their scalp. If you're the type of person who is constantly scratching and complaining of itch, but don't want something that will leave you with limp locks, then this is a worthy buy. I give this one a thumps up! Qhemet got it right for us chemical sisters.

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