Post-Party Skincare: Hangover Beauty Tips

4 years ago

It is safe to say that many a diva has come home from an evening of debauchery and decided that she would go to sleep in the face she had put on hours before. STOP! You will not only be doing your skin a dis-service,but your lovely bed linens as well. Let me help you so that your skin and eyes will thank you in the morning when you are in the midst of your hangover.

When we go out, there are a number of circumstances beyond our control. Atmosphere is one of them. Also, when we drink, we get dehydrated, and that means our skin gets dehydrated too! Follow a few simple steps before you crash and a few more in the morning, and your skin will thank you.

  • Wash your face. Now I know that many of us will not feel like actually washing our faces at the end of the night. That’s why I have another solution that will get your face clean and not dry it out. Get thee some makeup remover towelettes like Boots 4-in-1 Quick Thinking Wipes (found at Tar Jay). They have a great package with a little door on them, so they won’t dry out, and they will get everything off -- even eye-makeup and mascara…even if you are a little tipsy.
  • Use a good moisturizer. Remember what I said about dehydration? Well, it goes double for your skin after a night on the town. Try one of my personal favorites, Lumene ExCELLent Future Deep Repairing Day Cream. It contains apple stem cells, which help to firm and repair skin. It’s also a lightweight gel-cream, which will absorb faster into your skin. Also, guess what? At $29, it’s a dead ringer for the much pricier 3Lab “M” cream, which retails for $260!!
  • Drink plenty of water. Or some other kind of hydrating beverage, like a sports drink. Now I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but if you are in the dark, then let me enlighten you. For every drink you consume, you should have one glass of water (it works…trust me). In addition, hydrate yourself frequently the day after your night on the town. Drinking on an empty stomach is also a big no-no. Have something to eat before you go out. If you are a coffee drinker, go ahead and indulge, because the caffeine will help with the headache the morning after -- but it can also be dehydrating, so water…water…water.
  • Take some Emergen-C. 1000mg of Vitamin C, some B vitamins, and electrolytes (we lose those when drinking, too!) in powdered form: Sprinkle it in at least four ounces of water before you go to sleep or the morning after, and you will feel much, much better. You can pick it up at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or any local health food store.
  • Keep teaspoons in your freezer. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. A makeup artist back in the day taught me this trick, and it worked so well that I have been loyal to it ever since. Place two teaspoons in the freezer to use them on your eyes for puffiness. Lie down and hold them on your eyes for at least 5 minutes. Better than any teabag, I tell you! Now, don’t ask me which side of the spoon to use; you will figure it out on your own, trust me. I even went and bought some a la carte spoons at Target, so now I have my “freezer spoons."
  • Stick your face in an ice bath. Remember, ice reduces swelling, so if your face is puffy, fill a bowl with water and two trays of ice. Immerse your face, and the swelling will be sent packing. I know it sounds terrifying, but whoever said beauty was easy???

If you follow these steps, I guarantee you, your skin will be soft, refreshed, tight, and toned. After you have taken care of your skin, make sure you go out for a huge breakfast, preferably with some toast -- carbs can help bring your blood sugar levels back up the morning after.

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