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Ever since I came back from my amazing holiday in the US last August I haven’t loved my big booty body as much as I should. Up till then I did a few classes at the gym and was pretty happy with myself overall. For a while I was even the ONLY FAT GIRL AT THE GYM and had no idea! All I cared about was that I  had plenty of energy, felt comfortable in my clothes and was  healthy.

Now I’m at the point where I’m feeling really SLOW and can’t be bothered to do a lot of things since I’m constantly tired and running out of fuel. My body is telling me she needs a good servicing and since I don’t have a boyfriend to check my oil on a regular basis then its up to me.

Sure, losing a little weight will probably happen but its not my end goal and I refuse measure success by NUMBERS.  I’ve been FAT, FIT & FABULOUS before and I’d like to be there again!

My former personal trainer always said: EAT right to lose weight & EXERCISE for fitness.  This time I’m going it alone so there won’t be any weekly weigh-in on the scales  or writing down every single calorie in a little book. I’ll judge my results on how my body  FEELS. 

If you’re also a big curvy girl who wants an engine overhaul then feel free to join me. There are no rules just choose what suits you and go for it! I’m starting Monday March 18th that should be enough time to get some new sexy plus size workout gear!

**If you’re looking for some inspiration check out this  PLUS SIZE POLE DANCING video!


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