Petite & Pissed

3 years ago

Okay there you have it.

I feel the need to speak my mind as I am beginning to think if enough people do so maybe we could make a change. Probably not, but I just need to get it out there. I am what you would call petite based on my height and while I get compliments about being cute and my friends joke about regardless of my food obsessions I am just tiny. Truth is I am not that tiny but apparently the fashion world would like me to think so. If you are not petite you are probably completely disillusioned about the life petite people lead. Sure we may look cute or be able to pull off certain styles easier, though there are a lot of styles we cannot do at all - palozza print pants really were made for long legs, maxi dresses love them but they are dragging the ground like the train on a wedding dress. So as if it is not bad enough always being the end of the line based on our size, we can not by clothes off the rack.

I know what you are thinking of course you can all the department stores and even some of the specialty stores have petite departments, but have you ever really looked at them?

I am not quite middle age, but I am not 18 anymore either.

Petite clothing choices are either so short that I am no longer wearing age appropriate shorts and skirts. Thus my clothes do not meet the current school dress codes for most elementary school kids (finger tip length or less than 3 inches above the knee). Hard to set an example or explain that mommy can allow her underwear to be seen but at age seven it is not okay for yours to show when sitting in school or hanging on the monkey bars. While I personally love monkey bar shorts, they do not make monkey bar shorts for ladies (though I can think of a lot of people over the age of 12 that could benefit from some) and I know I can fit into the children sizes that is not the point.

I would like to believe that I can indeed pull off these shorter fashions, but there is a time and a place for them. On a date night with my husband or out with some friends maybe I can wear a short skirt, but not to volunteer at school or run to Target.

Okay so if I do not want the shorter style well then it is basically clothing that would be more appropriate for my grandmother. So my question to the fashion world is WHY?

I like to believe I might be a slightly fashionable mom at least for a few more years. If I glance around there are lots of ladies that are my size or even smaller.

I do not believe this size person only lives is NYC, Miami, or LA. I know they live there because I see them on television and movies and they look great. I even find pictures in People and US weekly ladies whom by measurements are similar to my size (NOTE I SAID SIMILAR) and they look great. They have fashionable age appropriate clothes that fit. I know they can have them made but I am sure some are buying off the rack … somewhere and even if they are not where are they getting these clothes?

I need to know!

We live in a world that has grown in size and while I mean no disrespect to many friends I am actually referring more to the younger generation. As we all know children are larger and the obesity rate and rate of Type 2 diabetes is at record high numbers. I must conclude that rather than help with the movement to encourage downsizing the fashion industry simply keeps size gauging. They are compliant to this problem. Sure I get it they want to make money just like the food industry that has disillusioned American citizens with so many products, but those of us that are choosing to eat healthier or lucky enough not to be in need of the expanding sizes would like to look good too.

Isn't that the irony of the situation those that do not need the larger sizes are having a more difficult time shopping for the right fit than the expanding population. Oh yes I do like the fact that I wear a smaller size than I did in high school, but lets be realistic. I am not smaller. My weight may be within 10% of my weight back then but things have shifted over the years. Flattering yes, but each season instead of enjoying the experience of getting a few new pieces to spice up my wardrobe, it is torture.

A constant game of buy and return. That brings me back to my question where to shop. I must buy online and return, so the process is not only more cumbersome it takes more time and I have to go simply on pictures. While this may appeal to some I like SHOPPING or at least I used to. A number of stores have petite lines but they do not even advertise them or carry them in the stores. I am constantly apologizing to the sales clerks who have to take my enormous returns because if I have to order online I am going to make sure I meet that Free Shipping minimum and get as many possible sizes and styles in one order.

I guess I could shop in the children's department, but again why? Most clothing in the children's department is too juvenile or there again pressing the button on age appropriate. What will I do when my own kids are shopping in the juniors and mom still needs to go to gap kids? Really the whole matching mom daughter clothing is cute and all, but not when you are buying the exact same dress from the children's department in different sizes.

Why should being petite cost me time and more money to get my clothes that are using apparently less fabric than 90% of those in the stores?

If you are petite and have some shopping secrets, please pass them along.  Sewing is not for me and while I wish I had it in me to create the next best fashion and not rely on the clothing industry at this time that is just a dream for this little lady.  For now I am going to have to continue my online shopping obsession and keep the local alteration store busy.

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