The perfect pair: The how to on how to find it!

6 years ago

Alright, for me finding a great fitting pair of jeans is the equivalent of finding a great bathing suit. Not all jeans are created equal that is for sure. I have spent countless hours of my life sweating it out and zipping up hundreds of pairs of jeans trying to find one that will fit my bum and without having too high of a waist, compliment my figure, accent what I want it to, and not show my crack in the process. I can tell you it took me a long time to find "my perfect jean" and I wanted to pass on the how to's for you all, what brands are best for what shapes, and hopefully help you all in your quest to find the perfect pair.

There are several body types: Boy shape, curvy, athletic, tall, petite, apple, and one rule that applies to ALL body types!

The Pocket Rule, that ALL body types should know: Pocket location. Your pockets must be on your bum! You do not want half of your pocket on and off. (If your pockets aren't on your bum, it makes it look droopy, you want it perky!

Here's a great example:

Body Type Denim Guide:

1. Boy shape: If your body is more straight up and down, a good option for you instead of the baggy boyfriend style jeans, opt for the body hugging skinny jeans! These skinny jeans will add femininity and definition to you hips and calves. The darker the wash, the more elongating the look of the jean will have on your figures. Make sure that the bottom of the jeans don't bunch up at the bottom, they will make you look shorter, so if you need to get the exact length or have them altered! Try DNKY skinny jeans or DL1961 Kim skinny jeans at , Skinny jeans by Levi's jeans at, or Skinnys by Paige or 7 For All Man Kind Skinny Jeans at (they also carry these in petite if you run short! Check out the Rack too for deals on Paige's),


2. Curvy: If you have an hour glass figure finding jeans that fit your hips, bum, and waist is your biggest challenge! The best jean to get is a uniformly dark washed denim! The uniform look of your denim will make your lower half look like it has lost a lot of inches! Also picking a higher ride will help offset your hips and the waistband will be cut to mimic the natural shape of your waist, so NO gaping in the back, aka no crack will show! You will want rear pockets that fit right on your butt, not below, the pocket should be angled inward and close together to make your bum appear smaller! The denim for you to check out are Ashley Stewarts Petite boot cut jeans at, Avenue Divine Denim Jeans at, Victoria's Secret Hipster bootcut jean at, Lane Bryant Distinctly Bootcut Jeans at, or NYDJ Barbara Modern Bootcut Jeans at


3. Apple shape: If you are thin on the bottom and tend to carry your goods more on top, the best type of denim for you to purchase is one that has a great stretch content to it! The thing that you want is to find a great pant that accents your great legs but doesn't pinch your waist. The denim for you to try are the Victoria Secret's Siren Legging Jeans at, Hello!Skinny Barely Bootcut Jeans at, James Jeans Twiggy legging jeans at, Marc Allison Michi Skinny Jeans at, or Joe's Jeans Best Friend Jeans (which you can score for a steal at the Rack!).


4. Athletic: If you are an athlete, you tend to have trouble finding denims because of your muscular thighs and calves. It can make it difficult to find a good denim. Think of choosing a denim that is slim-to-the-knee and a deep indigo rinse. The flared look of bootcuts and flares will make your legs look longer and leaner and accentuate your waist! Some great jeans for you are DL1961 Roxy Kick Flare Jeans at, Gap 1969 Sexy Boot Jeans at, Levi's Perfectly Slimming 512 Jeans at, Calvin Klein Jeans Flare jeans at, and J Brand Bombshell bootcut jeans at, the Rack, or


5. Petite: Finding jeans when you are petite is a nightmare! I am there with you ladies. I am an hourglass shape, 5'3 person, and it's really easy for denim's to not fit right and make me look really short! The winner for me overall in denim are the Paige denim petites! The bootcut, flare, skinny, laguna jean all fit like a dream! I get mine at the Rack, Anthropologie will have them on sale, or you can pick them up at Nordstroms at If you aren't a lover of the Paige denims, some other great choices are Bootcut Stella Regular Fit Jean at, Banana Republic Curvy bootcut jean at, CJ by Cookie Johnson Faith Cosmo Jeans at, Citizens of Humanity Hutto Jeans at (the are MUCH cheaper at the Rack).

6. Tall: Finding cute denims when you are tall can be just as hard for you as it is for the petites! Don't worry there aregreat denims for you too! The ones that made the cut for best denims are Long Tall Sally MacCarthy Bootcut Jeans, Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans at, Genetic Riley Bootcut Jeans at, Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans at, or Banana Republic Authentic Wash Bootcut Jeans at

I hope this guide to the perfect pair helps you all find what you are needing out of your denims based upon your body type! I feel your pain in trying to find them, but once you have them, you feel like one HOT MAMA!

What is your favorite pair? Have you tried on any of these denims? Which one did you rock? What should be added to the list?

Nicole Moulton,




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