Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

4 years ago

or how I learned to wear a bra.

Photo Courtesy of Uneeka Jay

If asked, I would say the best thing about a bra was taking it off.  Daily I head home, and after my shoes but before Judy, the bra is off.  After attending the Mom Mixer, I have a new appreciation for my brassiere. The Mom Mixer was hosted by Whitney Wingerd and Colleen Padilla and gave moms (and some dads) from all over an opportunity to preview hot items and mingle with people in real life. One of the tables present was Barely There.

The ladies at the table offered free bra fittings and I reluctantly stood there to get fitted.
I say reluctantly because I haven't thought much about a bra for 11 years when I shopped for bras designed to nurse. 
As the woman ran the measuring tape along me, I disclosed I was wearing a minimizer  bra.  She congratulated me on the choice since I was wearing a button down shirt.  She explained that the minimizer would prevent the shirt from puckering.  All this time I had been wearing a bra because A. It was clean, or B. it was the one I could find, not because of any fashion.
She then showed me HOW to wear a bra, explaining that my desire to keep my cup from running over was actually because I had the wrong cup size.  I have been squeezing the girls into the wrong size bra for some time now, and I was doing more harm than good.  
When I wear a bra, I'm supposed to make sure that the hooks aren't so tight that I have back fat bulging.  I also need to smooth the extra tissue INTO the cup to avoid four boob syndrome.
Lastly, I'm supposed to look in a mirror to ensure the headlights are both facing front. Age and two kids who nursed can cause me to look lopsided.

Barely There is a shop that specializes in undergarments that feel comfortable.  The material is soft to the touch and the complimentary bra and panties I received were truly barely there.

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