Oscillate? Vibrate? Rotate? What does it mean for my face??

3 years ago

After a small break, mainly due to my fast degenerating health I decided to come back with a quick blog about beauty devices and the difference between an oscillating and a rotating device with examples included.

Let’s talk about two popular beauty devices: The Clarisonic, the PMD and a possible alternative; I have personally used all the products I’m going to write about for months so I do have a solid opinion.

The Clarisonic is a cleansing device that should minimize pores, fine lines and improve your skin appearance and texture. The head oscillates so it doesn’t tug at your skin, I have heard people complaining about getting a rash with it and I think it’s most likely due to the way it’s used. Remember to always move the brush around your face and not to keep it on one spot for long if it makes any sense. I used it either as directed which means 20 seconds on chin and nose, buzz buzz, 20 seconds on the forehead, buzz buzz, 10 seconds on each cheek.

Many other brands have their version of the Clarisonic; I purchased the one made by Olay over the holidays. The Olay brush rotates therefor it tugs, therefor it can damage the skin. Think about it: do you really think that anything that latches onto your skins and spins it around will combat wrinkles? Not likely, it will probably loosen up your help and make it sag.

Another popular device is the PMD, this is a at home micro-dermabrasion system. It consists of a smallish hand held device with several different disk tips designed to let you customize your dermabrasion. Unfortunately the tips rotate and tend to drag the skin. NO Bueno, you want a device that helps you not hinders you. A better alternative is Rodan & Fields Macro E: this is a little bulkier than the PMD but has a step by step LCD screen that shows you where to place the tip next, it also lets you personalize it by choosing a different program, the tip needs changing once a year and it vibrates. The only time you will tug your skin with it is if you mishandled it or don’t read the instruction. The Macro E biggest setback is the price, at over $300 it is an expensive gadget even if it is well worth.

In the end, what am I trying to tell you? I’m trying to say that whether you are looking at something that $20 or something that’s $100 you want to make sure that it doesn’t rotate because dragging is never good for your face.

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