No Makeup Day! Would you participate?

5 years ago

Could you go without wearing makeup all day? Would you go to work, pick up the kids from school maybe even go to school, shop, dine out with your significant other, all without a stitch of makeup?

A large percentage of women wear makeup everywhere, even to bed. Ick! The makeup industry finds all sorts of ways for us to plump our lips, colour our lids, lengthen our lashes and pink our cheeks. There is even a line of makeup for the ‘natural’ look, that’s kind of funny when you think about it. Like the credit card commercial tag line, “Don’t leave home without it” millions of women worldwide wake up every day, apply all sorts of makeup and load their purse for touch ups.

The use of makeup is most often passed down from one generation of women to another. It certainly was in my case. My mother would not let us where makeup preteen but when the time came to start the process of application we were given clear instructions. Mum instilled the message of class versus trash and was always opinionated if your makeup or clothes crossed that line. She believed one should not step out the door without putting their face on first.

Now in her early 80′s nothing has changed. She still wears a low heeled shoe (but would prefer to be wearing high heels), dresses impeccably and will not be seen without makeup in public. For the last couple of months she has not been well but recently she attempted to walk a bit where she lives just to get some fresh air. Despite the discomfort with her condition she prepped herself by applying a bit of makeup, just in case any of the neighbours would see her. On days when she wasn’t feeling up to near full makeup application, we suggested she wear her stylish sunglasses and lipstick…”Nobody will know Mum that you aren’t wearing any makeup, just get outside in the sunshine!” That worked but we couldn’t help but joke with her about the whole issue of makeup for a short walk to the corner of her street and back.

I have seen some talk online about National No Makeup Day but I’m not sure how successful that day would be. I know that it is designed to help people focus on internal beauty which I support wholeheartedly. However, I can’t help but take a pragmatic viewpoint after years of indoctrination by both mother and advertising that it would be a hard sell; for many women facial nudity is simply wrong!  There certainly is a strong case for young women to be educated more about internal beauty and body acceptance. We are all saturated with too many images of women who have either enhanced themselves to death or are altered by the magic of computer generated imagery.

At the end of the day, people like my mother, will not be swayed away from their makeup. I can go without it on relaxed days or at leisure activities but I don’t think I have ever gone to work without makeup. It gets removed at the end of the day and I like what I see in the mirror. I could participate in a No Makeup Day but I doubt its going to push forward the self esteem movement to any great degree.

Would you go without makeup or honor a National No Makeup day?

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