A No-Fail Travel Outfit + What To Pack In Your Carry-On

4 years ago

Summer travel season is officially upon us! With that comes a lot of packing, planning and time in the air and on the road. After your bags are all packed, the last thing to do is pick out a travel outfit. Skip the leggings or sweatpants this year and instead opt for a pulled-together look that is equal parts stylish and comfortable!

1. Hat & Shades: Ideal for covering up messy hair when you hop off the plane and disguising tired eyes from early wake-up calls -- this combo is essential for any long-distance flight.

2. Watch: Don't forget to wear a wristwatch when you fly between time zones!

3. Denim Jacket: A denim jacket is the perfect weight for a flight -- it adds warmth, but it still looks seasonal and adds structure to a loose maxi dress.

4. Big Tote Bag: Look for a bag that will comfortably hang over your shoulder and work as a carry on. I like to fit a small clutch (with my wallet & purse essentials), my laptop in a travel case, a pashmina and several books or magazines.

5. Jersey Maxi Dress: Wear a cotton/jersey blend maxi dress for ultimate comfort (read: PJ like quality) that isn't too tight or form-fitting.

6. Flip Flops: Ideal for slipping on and off at security!

Before you hit the airport, give your tote bag a re-vamp to insure you have all your travel essentials at your fingertips. There is nothing worse then forgetting something on a long flight!

1. Pashmina or Scarf: I never get on a plane without a wrap to keep me warm. Look for something light so it doesn't take up too much space in your bag.

2. Oil-Absorbing Sheets: For a quick refresh before you hop off the plane and can actually wash your face.

3. Hand Cream & 4.Hydrating Spray: Flying can really dry out your skin, so be sure to moisturize frequently + give your skin a spritz of hydrating water.

5. Hair Tie: Pull your hair back when you get in the car or flight for a long trip to keep it from getting too messy.

6. Lip Balm: Dry, cracked lips can occur on long flights, so be sure to keep your lips moisturized, too!

7. Listerine Strips: Until you have a chance to brush your teeth -- these do the trick!

8. Notebook: You never know when you'll have a great idea to jot down!

9. Felt Tip Pen: Note -- opt for a felt-tip pen or marker versus a roller ball or ink pen, which can explode with the changing air pressure on a flight.

10. Granola/Health Bar: You never know how long you could be without food on a long flight or trip, so keep a stash of healthy snacks in your bag.

11. Reading Material: This is a no-brainer -- but easy to forget!

12. Cozy Socks: Swap your sandals or flip flops for cozy socks for added comfort (and warmth) on your trip.

13. External Battery: There is nothing worse than a dead phone or iPad when you're on the go.

14. Sunglasses: To cover up tired eyes post-trip.

15. Headphones: Skip the airline option and bring your own earbuds on the plane.

What are your go-to travel essentials??

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