New Year's Party Plan

7 years ago


It’s December 26th and I can see the end of the hump that is the Holiday Season!  I’ve survived the initial hurdle and the remaining week should be clear sailing, right?  …all the beautiful packages have been torn to shreds and the hunt for AA batteries is on, the meal has been devoured and the leftovers stored for future turkey sandwiches and stale pumpkin pie, the dishwasher has finally ceased its annoying hum-hum-hum and all the kiddies are happily engrossed in their respective Christmas ‘booty’, for the time being anyway…it occurrs to me that I am now facing another New Year’s party and the quest for something new, sexy and original to wear.  “I have to stop eating immediately!!!”

“OMG! Everyone’s seen me in everything I own so I HAVE to get something new and soon!”  I want to make a splash this year, what with all the competition amongst the ladies that will be there!  “Although the sexy black bustier from Victoria’s Secret my cute husband gave me is beautiful, I’ll have to wear something with it so my ‘splash’ doesn’t turn into a complete ‘belly flop’”. 


These are my thoughts…a frazzled woman who’s assessing the current state of disarray in her living room and another week with her in-laws who are at that very moment, upstairs playing Wii with the kids and mixing a fresh batch of daiquiris.  What gets me through is the knowledge that they’ll ‘watch’ the kids while my husband and I celebrate the New Year and then we get to drive them to the airport early on the 2nd.  Woo Hoo!! Of course, that thought is quickly followed with the nagging chant in my head that goes something like this…“the kids will be fine, the kids will be fine!  They raised me didn’t they? How bad could it get in just a few hours?”  You get the idea.


Anyway, just the thought of running from boutique to boutique, mall to mall, in search of the perfectly sexy and unique attire for the upcoming celebration was daunting.  After all the shopping I’ve just put behind me, the last thing I want to see is the blank stare of yet another under-achieving store clerk who needs a calculator to figure a 10% advertised discount on my $100 item.  On the other hand, something just for me sounds pretty good right about now and the hardest thing I really have to do is squeeze into it, whatever it was!


But what should it be?  What kind of outfit is both sexy and unique and not already in half my neighbors closets? A little black mini with fishnet stockings & stiletto heels has been done…again and again.  And the bright red cocktail dress with rhinestone bodice & deep cut back is so passé.  Oh, and lets not forget the plunging neckline of the classic black dress.  Same ole’ stuff.  I want something new!


And then it dawned on me…I have some beautiful and sexy costumes at my disposal that not only meet the ‘unique and original’ requirement but they’re also sexy, cute and even suprising.  That’s the answer….a sexy adult costume!  This idea appeals to me for several reasons. 

A - I’ll be the only one there in costume so that will definitely turn a few heads

B – Wearing a costume says ‘I’ve got balls’ and

C - I’ll get one up on those phat bitches and that’s always fun!!


 Who knows? Maybe I’ll start a new trend.





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