My Upper Eyelid Surgery Adventure! (Scary Pictures Included)

3 years ago


Just a Little Off the Top

Your Esthetic Goddess decided to get a little nip and tuck on her eyes and I thought you might enjoy seeing how quickly you can heal from this surgery.  

I had been noticing for the past couple of years that my eyes did not pop open the way they did when I was younger.  I am currently 49 and even though I didn't have any hooding (Skin hanging on my eyelid) I knew the elasticity of my eyelids were not as tight as they once were.  I am not one to wait around till I look like I need surgery.  I like to be proactive and take care of things before they get to that point.  So I made an appointment with an ENT in my area who also preforms upper and lower blepharoplasty as well as mini face lifts.  He agreed with me that I just needed just a little off the top.

I had surgery bright and early May 9th.  This was an in office procedure and was done with twilight anesthesia.  This was the cool part!  The anesthesiologist put an IV in my arm. Seconds later he ask me if I am feeling anything.  I tell him I feel really relaxed.  As soon as I said that I was out!  

They want you to sleep through the first part of surgery because the doctor will put an injection right in your eyelid to numb the area.  I woke up as the left eye was done and he was starting on the right.  I was surprised that I was able to open my eyes as he was operating.  I though maybe they would tape them closed so I wouldn't open them.  I was also surprised that I didn't feel drugged up at all and started having a conversation with everyone in the room!  

The doctor used a laser to cut the skin off.  If someone has hooded eyelids he would then pull fat pads out of their skin.  I didn't have that so once the skin was removed he stitched up my eye.  

The surgery took about a half an hour.  After that, I walked down the hallway to what the nurse referred to as "the quiet room".  A recovery room with a couple of recliners in it.  My sweetie pie hubby was waiting for me in there and snapped this pic of me.

Right after surgery.  I have no idea why the dr. drew a large dot on the side of my face.  Most of what you see on my eyes is just marker.

After checking my vitals a few times they give me the go ahead to leave.  When we got home I took one of the pain pills the dr. prescribe as I thought I might be in pain when everything wore off.  The truth is there really was no pain and I never took another pill!  I made sure to ice plenty the first couple of days to help with swelling.  



Day 2 swelling and bruising starting to settle in.

I could not wash my eyes for two days.  Ugh!  That was hard!  And of course no make up till stitches out.

Day 4.  Swelling getting better.  Had more bruising around the left eye then the right.
Healing fast!  Day 6.
Yay!  Day 8 going to get stitches out!  No makeup just lipstick.

            One week before surgery.                                  9 days after looking brighter and more                                                                                                                                                    refreshed!!  

This was an easy surgery to recover from!  The only thing is I can't workout for about a month.  This part is killing me!  I stare at my weights everyday dreaming of when I can lift them again!
So tell me....
Do you need a little off the top?
What have you done lately for yourself to make you feel good?
Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?
Till next time.  Have a beautiful skin day!  Your Esthetic Goddess,  Susie
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