My Little Black Book: Atlanta Edition

3 years ago

My brother and his family just moved back home to Georgia. I've never lived anywhere but this gorgeous humid state of Georgia so their move here made me think about having to find a whole new crew. New shopping spots? GASP! A new hair person? PANICK! 

Fear not, Atlanta newbies and regulars, I am opening up my little black book just for you. There are 32 years of research in this list so trust that this is the crème de la crème. 

I present to you My Black Book:


Hair Color: 

The One & Only: Miss. Ashley McCarty. 

Anyone who has seen my Pinterest board knows that I have a minor major hair obsession. There is only one person that I trust enough to close my eyes and say do your thing! Ashley McCarty at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead. This chick is LEGIT. She is a mastermind. A Yoda of hair? I'm not a Star Wars person but she is so on point it's ridiculous. I have seen her work some magic on some messed up mops and a model and they both walked out and could've both walked right onto the runway. I think Ashley invented the entire art of hair color. She is so insanely detailed she's teetering on OCD which is a trait I love in my hair woman. She can talk about anything but not to the point that you feel like she isn't concentrating. We've all been to that person, haven't we? She makes you feel so comfortable, gives a killer neck and shoulder massage which is somehow not completely awkward. She will look at pictures with you and discuss what is a realistic goal and what may be a terrible idea. No matter what look you go for Ashley is going to NAIL it and it'll look better than you imagined. Call now because she books up quickly...or don't because I still want to be able to get an appointment.

Hair Cut: 

Rowan. This picture is everything. Swoon.

I am terrified of hair cuts. I don't know why but every time I get my hair cut the person wants to give me bangs. I must have a misshapen forehead or a five head or they think because I'm a white chick I like bangs... I don't. I like the way they look but I don't want to own them. Bangs are like cats for me, I only want to see them on the internet. I am about to give you all a little gem that I have debated revealing. This hair magician is a new talent at Van Michaels Salon in Buckhead and it was pure dumb luck that I stumbled upon him. The best dumb luck of all time! A blessing! A miracle! Call it what you will but you need to call Rowan and make an appointment ASAP. He's only new talent because he's new to Atlanta, not new to the industry. He gave me exactly what I wanted...I wanted to walk out of the salon looking like my hair was amazing...not like I just got a hair cut and my hairs were still traumatized. I don't know about you guys but when I get a haircut each and every strand has a panic attack and sticks straight out and up for about two weeks. The layers he gave me were perfect and like Ashley he may have the perfect touch of OCD because his attention to detail was insane. He is a great conversationalist without being too chatty, listens to what you want, gives his advice (which he is spot on with) and executes like a ninja. I want to have a baby boy just to name him Rowan as a thank you for giving me the best haircuts of my life. 

Ashley McCarty - Color                                                           Rowan - Cut


Who still goes to tanning beds? Every time I see a tanning salon I wonder how they are still in business. I think the only people that go to a tanning bed are the ones that are smoking a cigg on their way to the gym. Let's be honest though, nothing makes you feel and look better than a nice golden glow. It hides imperfections and makes you look alive and healthy. Whoever said Pale is the new Tan (did anyone say that?) has obviously never seen their pale ass in a mirror. 

There is only one when it comes to skin color and that lady is Alicia Wente at Spray Studio Atlanta. She is so knowledgeable about the science behind a spray tan (yeah, there's science involved) she can tell you what is in each formula (because she created them, yeah, you read that right), why it works and how, if you care and I don't know why you would. She has her own line of sugar scrubs, lotions, gradual tanners (think that other gradual tanner minus the smell of butt) and a million other potions at her chic salon. The great thing about her products are they are free of all of the chemicals and crap that are in most products. Paraben Free, no petroleum by-products, no mineral oil, no phthalates, no propylene glycol, no synthetic colors, no talc, no shit!  She is the gorgeous mad scientist making anyone who is anyone and all of us normal people in Atlanta look like they've spent a week in the Caribbean not a day with the Oompa Loompas. Check her out at Spray Studio Atlanta put out that cigg, cancel that tanning membership and book an appointment because she fills up quickly! If pale is your thing she still has stuff for you - she has the most amazing body scrubs, beach wraps, sun lotions, everything you need to look fab by the pool or the beach or just running around town with your kids. She has a special going right now so check it out....


The dreaded bikini waxing. UGH. Is there anything more terrible? I start sweating just thinking about it BUT Sweet Samba has somehow managed to take a little of the sting out of the situation by using a hard wax and well trained people. I have been going to their salon for years. There are several locations with each one being as clean and lovely as the next. You can get your face, body and crotch waxed and then shop in their boutique for a lovely little dress to air out that freshly waxed crotch. Shopping and a clean about one stop shopping!


Acupuncture/Eastern Medicine: 

holistic, wellness



holistic, natural

Dr. Jin 

I couldn't be a bigger believer. Check out this post HERE or this one HERE for why I believe in acupuncture. I have been asked so many questions about Cameron and Dr. Jin and I promise to make a post solely answering all of your questions about their clinic but in the meantime check out the JiLin website for a ton of information about their clinic, who they are, how it all works, what acupuncture can work on, etc. All acupuncturists are not created equally. If you have gotten acupuncture before it doesn't matter - you have to go to JiLin. These ladies are working with over 35 years of experience, not to mention Dr. Jin was a medical doctor in China for 15 years. There is talent and experience and a sixth sense to this and Cameron and Dr. Jin are the BEST of the BEST. Dr. Jin is basically a celebrity in the Korean community but is somehow a hidden gem for the rest of us...until now. So, whatcha got going on? Did you hurt yourself in the gym? Having anxiety? Struggling to get pregnant? Having sinus issues? Skin looking rough? They can help with all of that and more. Honestly, I didn't know a single thing about acupuncture when I walked into their clinic. I have learned so much since that wonderful day a little over a month ago. Acupuncture is so much more than needles. For example, I got fire cupping and bloodletting done yesterday to help with a nasty cold I had. Did you notice that? HAD. As in I can actually breathe now. Acupuncture is great for preventative care but also for sports injuries, allergies, just name it! Oh and it isn't just for adults! I have taken my 13 year old niece and my 2 year old daughter. They are great with kids! You have no idea how good you can feel until you visit Cameron and Dr. Jin!


Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt Germain and his staff are professional, caring, and knowledgeable. There are two clinics, one in Midtown and one in Alpharetta. He can do some TMJ work that will make you cry but will leave you feeling like new. They offer hyperbaric oxygen chambers, estheticians, massage therapists, and so many gadgets and tables for stretching your back it's like a toy store for the spine. Dr. Matt takes his time with you, listens and makes sure that you leave feeling better than when you hobbled your broke down self in. The massage therapists are amazing...don't let Tracey's petite frame fool you, her hands are made of steel and can work the meanest knot right out of your neck!


New Baby Products: 

Pregnant? Already have a baby? Look no further than New Baby Products. Stop in and pick up your crib, nursing bra, chic diaper bag, nipple cream, cutest of the cute baby clothes and hair bows, shoes, a stroller, some bedding, cloth diapers, feeding tools, and a present for that birthday party you have this weekend because if it's the weekend you know you have a kid party to go to. Don't worry they'll wrap it up for you too. This place is family owned and has been around since Coca-Cola. It's an Atlanta landmark. Maybe not, but it should be. The ladies here know everything there is to know about anything baby related and they are always happy to help. They even offer classes on breastfeeding and cloth diapers and Infant CPR. Seriously, name it, they've got you covered.  

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