My Experience With Frownies, With Before and After Photo!

3 years ago

Have you ever heard of Frownies? They are basically facial patches made out of brown paper tape (my guess is that you can also go ahead and get yourself some brown paper tape, and cut it in the shape you want). You just wet them, stick them on your wrinkles, and sleep with them! Frownies come in all kinds of shapes, and for all kinds of wrinkles on your face. Today, I'd like to share with you my experience with Frownies.

I have a pretty deep glabella line between my eyes (I always say I have a "1" instead of an "11," or two lines). So I have been sleeping with Frownies since December 2013.

I have to admit that in the beginning, I could not quite figure out on how to apply them. I made some mistakes, because the instructions stated that I should not pull my skin too much—and after my second night I ended up having a "11" instead of a "1." That scared me so much that I almost gave up using these.

But then I found out that I did it wrong. You have to massage the desired area, and then really pull the wrinkle completely out, so that there is no visible wrinkle—then put the patch on.

I think it is hilarious that my husband and my son are so used to see me wearing my Frownie in the morning that they do not even mention it anymore. In the beginning, I was (of course) a running joke—but I did not care much, lol.

Frownie facial patch.

Now let me show you my results—although I don't really want to call it "results," because I will still keep wearing my Frownies … this is a slow, slow process, but I do see a difference.

I think you can clearly see results. I find also that Frownies teach me to be more aware of my squinting. I try to avoid any squinting, and to relax my facial expressions. I noticed that a lot of squinting was also happening while I was asleep, because I seem to be a wild dreamer (hehe). Before using my Frownies, sometimes I woke up with headaches. But the Frownies seem to give me a more relaxed night sleep!

I recommend you start as soon as you notice a tiny wrinkle on your face. My glabella line is so deep that the process is probably much slower than if you start right away. I've had this line for many years, and over the years, it has gotten deeper—the constant squinting in always-sunny Florida does not help either, of course. I try to always wear sunglasses and a hat to avoid squinting now.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning the line is almost gone! But after a couple of hours you will see it again. I recommend Frownies if you are looking to get rid of your glabella lines- or also forehead lines. They are also really inexpensive; I paid around $20 for a 8-to-16-week supply (which depends on how many Frownies you use). I use only one Frownie, right on my glabella line.

I shared my experience on YouTube, too:

Would you consider using Frownies? Hope you enjoyed this. See also my Tips & Tricks to get rid of wrinkles.

Have a wonderful day!

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XOXO, Sissi




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