My Chemical Peel Adventure! Part Two (Scary pictures included!)

4 years ago
Peel The Imperfections Away

If you read Part One of this blog then you have an understanding of how a medium depth chemical peel works or perhaps you have had one yourself.  I perform this peel once a year to freshen up my complexion and help keep my skin tight. 

I thought you might be interested in seeing my day to day pictures I took of myself as I was going through the healing process.  The pictures are from the first time did this peel on myself in 2008. 

I used a 20% TCA and applied 3 layers.  The first layer isn't bad.  It burns a bit but is tolerable.  The second layer is much stronger.  When it comes time to apply the third layer I have to psych myself up for it as it really strong and feels like I am wiping my skin off with it!  It's definitely eye watering!

This first photo was taken about 20 minutes after the peel.  Face is very red and has a sunburn,windburn feel.  (I put the same shirt on everyday to take the pics and tried to make the same face.)


The next morning my skin no longer has that sunburn windburn feel.  Skin's a little swollen.  It is darker and will continue to darken as the top layer of skin is going to peel off.  It is very dry as well.  I apply emu oil about 4 or 5 times a day.



The third day after the peel very dry and craggly.  New skin is forming underneath so it feels itchy.  It's all I can do to not rub my face on the carpet!! If you look closely you will see at the corners of my mouth the skin is just starting to peel.  Skin is so dry that is is hard to open my mouth all the way so shakes and soups are on the menu for the day.  I continue applying Emu Oil.




Day four after showering this is what rolled off my skin in the shower.  I can move my mouth again! Woo Hoo!!  Looks like I am wearing mask!




At day 5 everything but my forehead had now peeled off.  The forehead took a few more days before it peeled off.



This is still day 5, I just took my hair out of the headband and finally got to smile! My face was pink for about 8-10 days and still had some dead skin flaking off too.  I only used basic products during this time.  Cetaphil for a cleanser, emu oil, and sunscreen.  I didn't use anything with an active ingredient, like Retin A or a vitamin C serum until my skin was all healed.


The most important thing with this type of peel is to never ever pick or pull your skin off.  You can scar your skin and\or cause hyper pigmentation.  Just let your skin heal natural and the results will be worth it!
7 years later.  Performing this type of peel has kept my complexion smooth and even toned.  


These photos were taken 7 years ago and it was the first time I had performed this peel on myself.  Now when I do this peel my face no longer gets dark from it.  The first time this peel removed sun damage that I had deep in my skin which wasn't visible with the naked eye.  My skin of course still gets dry and craggly but it's part of the healing process.

Do you think you would ever try a peel like this?  Have you had a peel like this?  

Till next time.  Your Esthetic Goddess,  Susie


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