Moroccan Oil Light Review

4 years ago

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My hair is fine, super-straight, and prone to breakage. My hair is also soft and downey like a little baby child, so it doesn’t take much to make it go all limp and sad looking. When I heard that Moroccan Oil had come out with a ‘light’ version for fine hair, I wanted to get my hands on some!

I need something that will protect the ends of my hair from heat, keep it moisturized without weighing it down, and be a product that I enjoy putting on (yes, this is something that is important to me).


  • It smells fantastic. Like Jasmine with Disney hair fantastic.
  • Great packaging- What can I say? I’m a sucker for things that come in tiny glass bottles. It also now comes with a pump for the large size bottle…major plus!
  • It lasts forever- I only use it on my ends so one small bottle lasts several months.
  • Conditions and moisturizes- This was a problem at first until they came out with Moroccan oil for fine hair, shown below-

Now, I put the oil onto wet hair before I comb through it. That way it acts as a leave-in conditioner and I have less hair falling out and onto the floor.


  • Packaging- This hasn’t happened to me yet (knock on wood), but I imagine the cute little glass bottle doesn’t bode well for travel. If it breaks you’ll end up with oil all over yo shit, nah mean?
  • Allergies- There have been several cases of people on the internet (albeit this has not happened to anyone I know in my real life) having sudden and severe allergic reactions to the oil. As in they use it for months and then all of a sudden a crazy breakout occurs. Just something to be aware of I suppose.

Overall, I’m happy with the product and will keep using in until I get bored with it and want to change to something else.  :-)


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