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the time has finally come!!! the reveal of my newest project the MINI!!! but first let me rewind -----so as many of you know I host the one & only #TheMessyProject which is about everyone coming together, thinking outside the box & having fun with fashion. When I first started it back in July I never knew it was going to be as big & popular as it has become! I mean I am booked through the rest of the year! And seriously I couldn't be more happy, excited, shocked about it. I lala LOVE this project. Not only because its focus is my true love - fashion - but because I love how many of you have already stepped outside of your skin & tried something new fashion wise. helllllo sequin shorts Of course I wish I could do 2 Messy Projects a month but if you knew how much work goes into just one project you'd see why I can't..some of you already one night as I was chatting with my mom about #TheMessyProject I told her I wanted to do something else, same theme, so that more people can play along. We brainstormed ideas. We went back & forth until we thought of something that seemed to click. But of course being the type of person that I am I wanted to see what a few other bloggers would think of the idea - so I ran it by this girl & this girl. They both loved the idea. So then came the name....& since this new project is basically the baby to #TheMessyProject the MINI messy project was born...or MINI project for shortsooo what is the MINI project you ask?! well if you haven't guessed it yet its allllllll about the mini parts of fashion - the ACCESSORIES...which can also play a huge role in our everyday outfits. Just like clothes, accessories are also worn differently by each person depending on their style, shape, look etc. The MINI project will focus only on accessories....but I don't mean just jewelry - tights, hats, sunglasses, headbands, bows, scarfs, shoes, belts, gloves are alllll accessories as well. The MINI project will run the exact same way as #TheMessyProject however it will only consist of 3 girls, 4 including me & will be starting out at $20.Like before - 
The Deal1 Accessory4 Girls4 Different Styles1 Major Blog Daysoooo I started off the very first MINI project with a beautiful colorful scarf


Now of course I could have gone tradional with the scarf & tie it around my neck in some fun way but since both of these projects are about challenging yourself & stepping outside of the box I decided to spice it up a little & take you all back to the 1970s.


As you can see I took this scarf and decided to turn it into a head piece. The scarf had such beautiful bright colors that I wanted to dress around that. So I paired it with a yellow tank to match the yellow in the scarf. Since I was going for a hippy look I added big hoop earrings & a long cross necklace. Along with my wood heels....& because I like to be embracing the mess this is 4 day old hair & i have no makeup on.  


If you want to try one of your scarfs around your head it's super easy. I just folded it together, put it around my forehead & tied a big knot in the back. So what do you think of the scarf around my head? Do you think you would try something like this? How would've you worn the scarf? Now take a look at what my first round of girls did with the scarf -Michael @ Crazy, Tragic Almost MagicCelia @ unSimply CeliaBrandi @ Brooklyn State of MindSo you wanna play too? The MINI project is open to EVERYONE! Just like #TheMessyProject you do NOT have to be a fashion blogger to participate. I had announced this project a month or so ago without any details but still having the option to sign up available - so the project is already booked for February & there are only 2 spots left for March. Sooooo if you wanna reserve your spot for the MINI project you can email me at with the subject line MINI....& everything is done on a first come first serve basis so if you wanna play email me! All information on the MINI project can be found on my sidebar under the box name MINI Project Also feel free to grab the mini button for your sidebars!



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PS. #TheMessyProject is LIVE in 1 Week!!! Photobucket


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