Me and My Steampunk Corset

5 years ago

Blogger’s note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased this item (on sale) as a self-present for my birthday. If this post leads to a sponsorship in the future, weeeell, I don’t think anyone can fault me for that.

Someone just had an awesome BlogHer post about body image featured, so maybe my timing here is slightly off, but you know what? My birthday present. My body image. I’m posting it. Because I love corsets!

I placed the order for my new steampunk, steel-boned corset last week from Corset-Story. (If you’re unfamiliar with the term steampunk, please go to DeviantArt, search for “steampunk,” and enjoy yourself for a few hours of mind-blowing aesthetics.) I already own one steel-boned corset, which I bought years ago at a convention, but I’d never bought one online before. I was concerned about whether I’d get the right size. I did the measuring myself and came up with 31" for my waist (which, according to the Corset-Story sizing charts, lead me to order a 26" corset), but maybe I’d sucked in my stomach when I tried to find the smallest point of my waistline, which would result in ordering a corset a size too small, which would result in me not breathing. I like air. Really I do, despite appearances to the contrary.

Yesterday, I arrived home and saw a large gray package sticking out of my mailbox. I squeed in an undignified manner and then ran to my corset. I wasted no time opening it and trying it on. Not, you know, while I was standing beside my mailbox, but after I went inside.

Here’s the darling, fresh from packaging:


I’m delighted with the shimmer. I thought based on the pictures that the gold stripes would be a flat color. This is even better.

Next I slipped it on.

Loose corset.

My apologies for the fuzzy picture. The lighting in that room stinks, and the mirror is narrow, so after that I moved to my other mirror. Still, the picture shows just how loose the corset was to start with.

Next I spent about 30 minutes fighting with the lacing (and taking pictures, of course). I’m disappointed with myself — it shouldn’t have taken that long. I used to be able to lace myself into a corset with reasonable efficiently. Even my cat was unimpressed.

Wrangling laces.

Kitty is not impressed.

After plenty of twisting and struggling to remember how I used to do this in the past, I was all laced up and ready to party!

Holy cleavage!

Am I showing off the cat or the corset? You decide.

Holy mother-fluffing cleavage! Plus bonus cat. He’s not interested in the corset. He just wants to play in the sink.

Note 1: I have a slouching problem. In the above pictures, I’m fairly straight, but I still need to throw my shoulders back to really wear the corset properly. My slouch is one of the reasons I love corsets — they remind me to straighten up.

Note 2: I loved the front zipper. My other corset has a busk closure in the front (basically, hooks). The zipper makes the corset much easier to get into and out of.

Note 3: I’m makeup-free in the pics. Naked face! I don’t wear daily makeup. I only put it on if I have a good reason to. Like, you know, pictures for posts if I would only remember to darn well put some makeup on.

Note 4: I’m not even trying to hide my shoddy photoshopping job, which is apparent in the top-left corners in the above two pics. When I took the pictures, I didn’t realize I had a couple of bras hanging to dry. They were cute bras, but I want to show off the corset, not my laundry!

Finally, here’s a side-by-side for comparison so you can see the Before and After on the lacing job:

Before and After tightening.

Note 5: In the After picture, I’ve tied off but haven’t tucked in the puller loops (the loops for tightening that appear midway down the corset).

Note 6: I could actually have gotten it just a smidge tighter if I’d had help, but it wasn’t necessary.

So, there you have it. My new corset fits like a dream! Next, I need to get together the rest of my steampunk outfit, including an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse (to go under the corset), a skirt, awesome boots, and accessories.

Have you ever tried corseting or thought about giving it a shot? Got any pics to share? I'd love to see your corset style!

Virginia blogs at Kiss Chronicles, and her ebook of the same name can be found at Smashwords and other online retailers.

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