Making Me Stylish: From Housewife to Modern Chic Mom

a year ago

After having my third child, I realized I was swimming in the deep murky waters of being a haggard overweight housewife with little to zero confidence around my body image. My post-pregnancy body and the way I dressed in the house very much impacted how I felt about myself, and I pushed myself into negative thoughts and feelings, with the lack of sleep and baby blues on top of it. I had to do something if I wanted my family to have a normal mother and wife, and so I made a plan for a complete makeover. Here are some things that I changed that made all the difference.

Turn that frown upside down – a new face

It may sound silly to you that I wanted a new face, but I was tired of my sad frowning expression in the mirror, and I realized it would be a good start. Our faces are always the focus of our beauty and there are many things we can change. I improved everything I could:

  • First, I got a modern, chic haircut with some highlights in an unusual color and changed my hair part.
  • I got some nice elegant eyeglasses with a beautiful pink rim.
  • I had my teeth whitened.
  • I got my eyebrows shaped in a different way.
  • And I treated myself to some good quality face treatments to cleanse clogged pores and to refresh my skin.

All of this did make a huge difference in how I looked and felt about myself. As a final touch, I bought some quality makeup and started wearing it all day, at home as well, since I didn’t go out much in the beginning. I was finally happy to see myself in the mirror and the smile kept showing up on my face more often.

Fake it till you make it – envisioning the new me

In order to feel better about my body I had to accept it first and then take steps to make positive changes. That took some soul searching, meditation, and self-help psychology, but I managed to come up with a strategy – fake it till you make it! I signed up for the gym and did yoga at home whenever I could; but in addition to these concrete steps, I encouraged myself with keeping the vision of a new me in my mind. I made a vision board with a collage of how I would like to look and dress. I hung it where I could always see it and kept looking for things to add.

I was aiming high on purpose and envisioning myself in tight evening dresses and high heels. I knew I was not there yet, but I got myself an amazing waist cincher that shaped my tummy enough for some wider dresses. It was a great start since it allowed me to dress up without feeling like it was mission impossible. Slowly, my waist slimmed down and I kept getting closer to my vision.

Style is not reserved for single girls – building up my new look

It was always beyond me why some women stopped dressing up once they got married and became moms. I had no intention of switching to ‘meek mother’ figure as I needed to feel attractive and sexy again more than ever. Since the modern version of the sexy look is usually about showing too much skin and wearing tight clothes, that was out of the question for me, but I always liked vintage clothes.

They were chic, made a fashion statement and gave a person a unique look if well combined. So I frequented second hand shops, looked for vintage clothes online, and then I had matching items tailor-made for me. There are many places online where you can order custom made accessories and jewelry, as well as buy unique handmade pieces. You can also order clothes and items from pretty much all over the world now, so building a unique personal style is easier than ever.

You can always look good, as long as you make it one of your priorities and dedicate the time and effort to it. I must say I never went back to the housewife look and I now do complete makeovers every couple of years, just for fun and just because I let my look grow alongside me. 


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