Make it Stay Hair Primer and Style Extender Review

4 years ago

Do you spend tons of time either curling or straightening your hair in the morning, only to have it revert back to it's natural state before the day is even half over?  So frustrating!  I have straight hair, but I love to add in some beachy waves now and then.  Unfortunately, it tends to fall flat by lunchtime, and all that work goes down the drain.

Last year, I bought Living Proof's Prime Style Extender, which is supposed to lock your style into place all day.  It worked pretty well, but it costs $20 a tube, and was the only hair primer option around.  

Last week, I noticed a new hair primer called Make It Stay ($13.99) at Rite Aid (I later saw it at Walgreens for $9.99).  Upon reading the box, it sounds like it's supposed to do the same thing as Living Proof's version, although the ingredients are quite different. So I had to try it out and see if it works!





I decided to try an experiement and apply Living Proof's Prime Style Extender to half of my hair, and Make It Stay Primer and Style Extender to the other half.  I divided my hair down the middle in the back and applied a quarter sized amount to each half of my head from roots to ends. 

They have very different textures.  Living Proof's Prime is white and feels like a styling cream.  Make It Stay is translucent and feels much thicker, like a gel.  



The first thing I noticed while blow-drying, was that while they both seemed to cut down on drying time, the side of my hair that had the Make It Stay was dry in no time flat!  I was shocked, as it normally takes ages for my hair to dry.  After I was finished, I took a large barrel curling iron and started making waves in my hair.  Usually, if I want waves I have to make tight curls and in an hour or two, they fall out a bit into waves.  Usually if I start out with waves, my hair is straight again in 2 hours or so.  


The following pictures were taken at 8am and then at 8pm- a full 12 hours later.  I should also mention that I tucked my hair behind my ears more than once, which I have a tendency to do and always makes the waves come out sooner.


Living Proof's Prime Before and After- My waves stayed way longer than if I had nothing in my hair, but after 12 hours, they were pretty much gone.  I would say that this side lasted about 6-7 hours before it started to fall flat.  Not bad.



Make it Stay Primer-!  The fact that there's this much wave in my hair 12 hours later is amazing! 



I am so impressed by Make It Stay!  I loved that it not only made the waves last longer in my hair, but it cut down dramatically on blow-drying time.  It also made my hair feel soft and didn't feel sticky at all.  It actually felt like I had nothing in my hair at all.  

I loved it so much, I went out and bought another of their products for damaged hair called Make It Healthy, so look for my review on that soon!  They also have a formaldehyde free straightening product called Make it Straight.  


For more information, visit their Make It's Website


I'll pin this to my Dupes Board on Pinterest as a Living Proof Prime Dupe!






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