For the Love of Cateye Glasses

4 years ago

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Over time eye glasses have evolved. In the 1950's, cateye glasses became part of the fashion, and is something my grandma rocked on her wedding day, October 27th, 1955.

Anyway, my grandma and her epically fantastic cat eye glasses were something I have just completely adored and as long as I remember wanted a pair of my own. By the time I was old enough to admire the said glasses, she no longer wore them, but kept them in a drawer. Sometimes I would ask if I could look at them… I just loved seeing them! They were just so beautiful! I always knew I wanted to have a pair just like them if I ever needed glasses.

I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if I need my glasses. Time and time again, people have commented on, and complimented, my glasses… but apparently whether or not I need to wear them comes to their mind. When I was first asked about this, I honestly didn't know how to respond. In my mind, why else would I be wearing glasses?

Cateye Glasses | For the Love of Cateye Glasses | Blog Post | Finding the Story

I ended up sharing this experience with a friend of mine, and asked why someone would inquire as to whether or not I actually needed my glasses. She informed me that people do actually wear glasses just as a fashion piece and not just because they have to.

I promptly felt old, and completely out of touch with… well, out of touch with what's current, what the cool kids are doing nowadays.

Apparently when you have other things to worry about that can happen! Did you know this? I didn't. It kind of felt like, for a moment, I was in some sort of time warp and had aged at least 20 years.

… And then I realized I didn't really care "what the cool kids were doing". I have always loved my style of glasses that I choose to wear. I wouldn't change what I'm doing whether or not it was the style of today. I mean, look at what has happened with fashion all across time! …and as Heidi Klum would say "One day you're in, and the next day you're out!" {Yes, I have been completely addicted to Project Runway since the day it first aired. You know, when it was on Bravo, which was before it switched to Lifetime ...But that's a whole other conversation.}

Just in case you were actually wondering, I got my first pair of glasses when I was 18. I found out I needed glasses by taking my driving permit evaluation. {What a way to find out!} I was so upset because 1. I needed to get glasses. I had a pretty good streak of 18 whole years of good eye sight! …or so I thought I did. and B. …because I failed to get my permit! I was completely embarrassed!

My first pair of glasses looked very similar to the pair I have now. I have gone through several pairs of glasses, but the perfect cateye glasses have some how eluded me. I shall not give up my search, though, and one day they will be mine… oh yes, they will be mine.

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