Looking Beautiful at Every Age

5 years ago

For 60 years, Olay has been helping women Challenge What’s Possible and continue to prove that great skin is possible at any age.


My grandmother has the most beautiful skin of anyone I know, and I recently asked her what her beauty routine has been over the years. She swears that she's never paid much attention to skincare and beauty trends, and until her 40s just used soap and water on her face. I've often thought, "Well, if that's the secret to flawless skin, maybe I should give it a try!"

When she was about 40, she started using Oil of Olay cream, and when I hear any mention of the brand it makes me think of her. She still uses it every day and has skin that I envy. Hopefully I have inherited some of those genes, but in the meantime I've been giving my skin some extra care the past few years. I am almost 30, after all.

Recently I stopped washing my face in the morning. Wait -- don't cringe yet. I splash cold water on my face, use Olay Oil Minimizing Toner with a cotton ball, and then follow up with a rose aloe spray. I always use moisturizer with SPF before applying any makeup. I love the feeling of a fresh, clean face to start the day. If I'm just running errands, working from home, or going to the gym, I usually skip the makeup, because I like to let my skin breathe.

If I'm heading out for dinner or a late afternoon meeting, I have fun with makeup. I like to start with a clean base, and will wash my face with a gentle cleanser and apply an oil-free moisturizer before my foundation.

My evening skincare routine is one of my favorite parts of my day. No matter how tired I am, I take five minutes to get it done, and I always feel so great when I go to bed.

I start with my Olay PRO-X Advanced Cleansing System and a gentle cleanser, which I've previously professed my love for. I follow with a rose aloe spray, and then come the lotions and creams!

Now that it's cooler, I load up on moisturizer, and the classic Night of Olay Firming Cream is a standby. I also recently began using a tone-correcting spot treatment and prescription anti-wrinkle cream on my forehead. I'm obsessed with eye creams and try a new one every month!

Though I'm certainly incorporating more steps into my skincare routine than my grandmother's simple method, I've found products that work for my skin, and a routine that fits into my schedule. Best of all, I end every night feeling clean and beautiful, and start my day feeling refreshed.

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