The Lift and Gift of Beautiful Moments

5 years ago

BlogHer is doing an editorial series on beautiful moments, and I decided to participate. There are so many deep, meaningful moments in a life that are beautiful. These can include giving birth, which I haven’t done, or sharing a laugh with someone you love, which I have certainly done many times.

I decided to take a more lighthearted approach, focusing on the small, beautiful moments in my daily life.

Smelling good – I don’t often wear perfume, but I love scented lotions that are part of a perfume line. If I'm going somewhere special, as in "not to work", I add a layer of one of my favorites after I shower and moisturize. I like smelling good, and because I’m wearing a scented lotion which is not as fragrant as a perfume, sometimes I’m the only one who can smell it. This always make me smile.

Wearing strappy sandals – What’s not to like about sexy, cute shoes?

Anything red – My favorite dress is bright red, my favorite lipstick is bright red, and I have a pair of red slingbacks that make any outfit pop.

Holding a cocktail glass – There’s something about a stemmed cocktail glass that makes whatever drink is in it taste better.

Walking the dog early in the morning - I may look a mess, not wearing makeup, and throwing on the clothes I wore the day before. I may not have brushed my teeth (!). It’s just him and me, with the sun barely up. It's pure and totally unaffected. Fortunately, I don’t have to walk the dog really early most mornings, but when I do, it's a certain kind of beautiful.

Running – My knees stopped cooperating, so I don’t run anymore, but in my head, I still do. Running felt good, I looked good, and I loved looking at all the things, living and dead, in the Hudson River along the way.

Pedicure – Pretty feet actually stay beautiful for longer than a moment, but a pedicure is a relaxing way to feel and look more beautiful.

Walking on the beach – There’s something about the ocean that’s so beautiful and powerful. Being near the ocean makes everything better for me.

Beautiful moments are a lift and a gift. What are some of the small and easy, yet beautiful, moments in your day?

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