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I Am Blue Ivy Carter

I am a Natural Curly-Fro wearing Classy, Black Girl. My hair has been through it all from perms to presses, braids to weaves and everything in between. Most of the time the goal was to always change how my hair was presented to the world.

I was usually trying to relax it so that other people could be relaxed as well.

Until I just didn't care anymore. I started wearing my hair like Baby Blue Ivy Carter. Wild and natural. Natural IS and was the best. When I go out or have to impress a client or am looking to get a contract, I keep it a little more tame, just because I know how "threatend" it can make other people feel, especially Black people. The bigger my hair is, the more people feel like my hair is going to make the room go black. Blue Ivy Carter turned two years old this week and I have noticed a prevailing set of negative comments on her photos via social media, Blue Ivy Carter Natural Hair with Beyonce ClassyBlackGirl

"Fix that baby's hair."

"Why would Beyonce let her daughter's hair look like THAT?"

"Why is her hair not combed?"

When Did Blue Ivy Carter's Hair become YOUR Business?

First of all, who is to say that her hair is not combed? When I comb my hair in the morning, it may not be laying any particular way by noon. Second of all, I don't comb my hair every day-you know why?....becuase I have a gang of hair and it sometimes hurts when I comb it out and it is just going to get unruly in a few hours anyway. #Truth Third of all, she is a baby, she plays on the floor, she runs around she passes out in car seats. Babies HAVE slightly "unruly" hair. What is WRONG with that? It's not like Blue Ivy isn't clean or is half dressed. She looks extremely healthy to me. Blue Ivy Carter Natural Hair on the Floor Beyonce Use I honestly do not care about what other people say about Blue Ivy's natural hair. But it does hurts my black girl with natural hair feelings when I see people (who look like me) who RUN to the relaxer chair and have not seen their own natural hair pattern since the 80's say anything about managing a 2 year olds "unruly" hair...especially when they don't have "unruly hair" or a two year old. I mean, her grandmother (Miss Tina Knowles) is the Queen of Glamour, as well as being a hairdresser by trade. And Blue Ivy's Mama is Queen Bey. She will be (and actually already is) fabulous. But can we let her enjoy being two years old before we take her to the hair chopping block? READ >>> More About Beyonce!

Do You Have Your Edges?

How many women have hair permanatly missing on the sides because their mother wanted to make sure that their hair was "fixed?" Pulling our edges so tight that those little white bumps come up? Why does our hair have to hurt us? Why the hell do we have to change our hair??...especially at 2. I am so grateful that my Mother made sure that my hair and my hair self esteem was healthy. And now at 35 I dont have Traction Alopecia and wearing a wig or a weave is like switching lip gloss colors, it's just beauty, it's not a way to hide because my hair is so damaged that I keep it hidden. RELATED >>> Do YOU Have Traction Alopecia?...or Missing Edges?

Two Year Old's All Over The World Are Crying

The real concern that I have is not for Blue Ivy Carter and her natural hair. Bey has that taken care of, the problem is that there are little brown two year old girls who do not have anybody to speak up for them. By the time that they are 9 years old their mother is putting box braids in their hair because "its easier" or "its in style." Or maybe because the little girl's hair is so damaged from abuse, pulling and tugging as a new born(to make it look like she has "good hair") that she doesn't have the hair that she was born with, never mind the hair that she SHOULD have.

Blue Ivy Carter Natural Hair

There will be plenty of time for a girl to pull and tug at her hair as gets older and moves with the beauty trends of her day. When she is two-let her not feel that her hair or the styling of it should be a point of contention...or conversation. Beautiful Black hair does not have to conform, be like anybody elses or be "RULY"...is that a word?

Our hair just has to be, just like us.

What do YOU think about the Internet Going In On Blue Ivy Carter's natural hair?...I appreciate your comments below.

Classily Yours,



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