Ladies do you defend your right to carry a big bag?

I have been wondering about what to write about and what would be good. Boy do I love writer's block. Who doesn't? I have so many things in my head that would be worthy but getting it onto page or computer is challenging.Well lately it has been.

 Then it occured to me as I was thinking about what to do about my current purse situation.Adventures of bag lady on my blog explains my personal tormenting of myself..oie' Would you defend your right to carry a big purse? I love purses and there are some really cute and beautiful bags out. There are many cute little purses, but I love my big bag! You can keep everything in it without feeling lost or cramped.

Having a big purse does not make you old or grandma Moses. Nor does it make you a shoplifter by default! (Heard that one yesterday) Just like carrying a small handbag does not mean you are perpetually 12 years old. Come on now.

I have purses for different occasions and I love each of them. From my Kathy VanZeeland to my Dooney and Coach I love them! My goal though is to one day,own a Gucci, Dolce and Gabana, Chanel,Prada, or Fendi. That goal,dream,whatever is right up there with a pink Aston Martin or Pink Ferrari Enzo...mmmmm.

Anyway,the reason I say would you defend your right for a big purse is, my hubby and my sister's boyfriend call us bag ladies, because we have giant purses. Or what they call granny bags...yeah.We constantly defend our rights to carry them, and hey when we do not, that is the day they want to put all their crap in the handbag. My sister went as far to post on facebook why she needed a big purse! She took all the things she keeps with her in it and took a picture of it and posted to facebook.What a message that sends! We have stuff, things,and have reasons for each and every item in our purses to be there!

So,defend your right to carry whatever you want for a purse, big or small! Start the movement!

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