July 2014 Life Favorites

3 years ago

July has come and gone by far too fast. There have been many exciting adventures this past month. Two of which were presentations for school. This month, around the 15th, I will officially be done with my Master's program. I am excited and a little nervous about this new chapter in my life. I plan on working in my field and then someday pursuing a doctorates (hopefully, and well into the future). I am excited about all the new changes that are about to unfold in my life and am optimistic about the future.

Since July was so great, I wanted to share with you some of my July favorites. These favorites are not only going to be about beauty, but about practically everything in my life. I plan on making this a monthly post. It is a great way to stop and enjoy the moment.

So onto the favorites....


Favorite Song

The Band Perry- If I Die Young. P.S. Notice one of my favorite poems by Tennyson- "The Lady of Shalott"- in the video. This was also in "Anne of Green Gables"... my favorite movie, and seems to be the reason why it also appeared in this music video. This is more of a serious song, but it really makes you think about life. Added bonus points to them for alluding to my favorite movie and poem.



Favorite book that I love to hate:

Moby Dick by Herman Melville

I couldn't choose another book as favorite because I have been reading this for several, several months. It is a lengthy and arduous book that was pure torture. Reading this book prevented me from picking out an actual favorite for the month. Since I was stuck reading this thing, I had to include it somewhere. I would recommend to stay away from this one unless you want to come out of it knowing everything and anything there is to know about whaling; including a lengthy history lesson, cetology, and whale art information. Melville, I really wanted to love you. I just couldn't get into it. However, Captain Ahab is incredible! His crazed "monomaniac" passion to kill Moby Dick is almost inspirational. Lesson learned: never give up, even if it leads to to certain death. Or...be sensible and don't risk your life to capture a whale. 

Book cover art from Amazon - make sure you check it out there since they have a kindle edition for free.

Favorite Workout

In my quest for better health, I stumbled upon a few great videos. The one I am loving this month is the  Mike Donavanik Extreme Burn Ripped. I've included a preview of the workout video that I found Youtube. It is pretty difficult and you do need your own set of dumbbells at home. However, it is only 30 minutes. 30 minutes and then done! What could be better? Although, I admit, I am a sweaty mess by the end of this and have to modify a few things to get through. 



Favorite Smoothie


I love making healthy smoothies now that I bought this lovely device: a personal blender. I like to use personal blenders because the lid converts the entire blender container into a personal, on-the-go cup. The smoothie I have been making has been relatively consistent. I'll switch it up monthly. For July, I drank my banana, strawberry, and chocolate peanut butter smoothie.  Recipe: 1 banana (frozen or not- your choice)handful of frozen strawberries1 tablespoon chocolate PB2 powder. about 1/2 cup of soy milk  1/2 tablespoon honey




Personal blender. Got this on Amazon for $14.85 with the Prime option. 



Favorite Style: Maxi skirts and dresses. If you look around, there is a big trend of long skirts and dresses right now. I am really loving that look, especially with a bold print. I have been living in maxi skirt/dresses for the past month. Target.com is my favorite place to get them, and they seem to have a great selection online if you are petite.

Aztec printed maxi skirt from Target.com. Only $12.58 on sale now.

Favorite Makeup I have vowed to wear less makeup this summer, and it have been wearing so little this month. I hate wearing makeup when it is hot outside, so I have resorted to BB creams instead. I am using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm. I wear the darkest shade-aptly titled "dark," which is perfect for my Indian skin tone. This line of BB cream does not have a darker shade and they really need to improve upon that. It doesn't have any coverage, but it really has been good for my skin to breathe and be natural.

I had bought mine from Ulta, but it is cheaper at Sephora by $2.00. 

My favorite blush for this month is theBalm Instain in the color Toile. It is described on theBalm website as a strawberry color, and I have to agree. A little goes a long way in this super pigmented, rich blush. A light touch is a must, unless you want to look clownish (which believe me I have a couple times).  

Toile-theBalm- Strawberry toned cheek stain

Favorite lipstick/lip gloss has been the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lip Colour and the Lip Bomb Glosy Lacquer Stain in Red #2. I received this in my lip beauty bag that I reviewed here. I wasn't planning on wearing this until the Fall, but I decided to give it a go at the Renaissance Festival yesterday. Boy, am I in love! It is the perfect shade of red for me. Technically this isn't a July product, since I tried it in the beginning of August, but it really has been a hit with me that I needed to mention it right away. 

pictured is the Mirenesse Lip Bomb. Get this from their website.

So those are all my favorites. Let me know what you have enjoyed this month. Have a wonderful week! 

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