Isn't She Lovely?

4 years ago

"She didn't know it couldn't be done, so she went ahead and did it." ~Mary S. Almanac  

Strong women inspire me.  Strong women can do it "all."  But they also define what "all" means to them.  If their "all" is running a successful company, wonderful.  If it means running a household and a family, fantastic.  Doing it "all" and having it "all" are relative.  "All" is in the eye of the beholder.  A strong woman is someone who takes what life throws at her, deals with it the best way she can, and finds a way to make herself and those closest to her, happy and healthy either in spite of it all or because of it all.  

Today I'm dedicating this post to the woman I admire most in this life.  She has a beautiful face, gorgeous hair, perfect figure, features we all equate with a pretty woman.  But bigger than that, deeper than that...she has a true radiant beauty that emanates from within her.  She is physically strong, surprisingly so.  She can bench press more than her body weight, she can give me a piggyback ride, she can give her stepdad a piggyback ride, but she still maintains a beautiful feminine sense about her.  She is all girl, all strong woman.  She can be challenging but likewise never walks away from a challenge facing her.  Her heart is big, soft, caring, with a few cracks from being broken.  But the cracks are healing.  The heart has been broken, shattered even, but gradually and sometimes painfully, those pieces are being refashioned, reformed, recovered, and refined like gold.  It is being built better, stronger, by the grace of God.  

This woman has always had a mind of her own.  She was once so shy but has come into her own, defending the defenseless, singing out loud, acting for a crowd, feeding the elderly, wanting to change the world.  And this one, this woman, I think she's more than capable of kicking butt, taking names, and accomplishing everything she aspires to.  This woman, like most of us, has her eye on a boy, a special boy.  But for now, she's choosing to be herself, follow her own dreams, and says she's not going to let any boy thwart her plans.  Good girl.  True love will come exactly when it is supposed to.  She is growing, evolving, learning, surprising herself a little from time to time with the wonderful things she's becoming.  It's a joy to see her come into her own.  Her talents and abilities know no bounds.  

I am so proud of this woman.  She has taught me so much and I hope I am teaching her a few things.  I hope she is listening when I tell her not to make my mistakes.  And I hope she's listening when I tell her that she can do anything she wants, that her whole life is ahead of her and her dreams are achievable.  There is nothing and no one standing in her way and she has the love and support of so many behind her, especially me, her mama, who I think is a pretty strong woman too.  I know a strong woman when I see one.  I am raising one.  ~MP


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