How to Wear Pool-proof Makeup ?

3 years ago

So your BFF’s birthday is coming up and she’s decided to throw a pool party? And you being single are all excited as well as worked up about what you’re going to wear, how you’re going to look, will there be cute guys around, would they check you out, etc.?

Picking out a gorgeous swimsuit is just half the battle won. And even though you may already know what kind of bathing suit you’re going to be wearing, I bet the thought of picking up some awesome accessories never crossed your mind.

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Whether it is jewelry, sunglasses, cover ups, or hats, make sure you get something that complements your ensemble.

And did you think about what makeup you’re going to wear? “Makeup? At the pool?” you ask! Yes, believe it or not, a lot of women do wear makeup at the pool as well as (hold your breath) at the beach.

And why not wear makeup to a pool party? After all, it’s a party, right! It’s not as strange or unheard-of as it sounds. If you do it right and address the main areas of concern, you will be able to look as fresh-faced as the next person.

But Remember, Use Only Waterproof Makeup

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The key to looking natural and fresh when taking a dip in the pool and when stepping out of it is to apply high-quality waterproof makeup, which is easily available at drug stores. Using water-resistant makeup lets it stay on without getting smudged or wiped off even in the pool.

Waterproof makeup has the capability of locking and holding in its elements, irrespective of the heat, humidity, and the wind. This helps the makeup stay on for long.

Here’s what you need to use to look as fresh as a daisy at the pool party –

  • Tinted Moisturizer

Most women use foundation, but it is suggested that you use a tinted moisturizer with a built-in SPF instead, because with foundation, you run the risk of it sliding off your face when you go into the water. A tinted moisturizer, on the other hand, absorbs better into your skin, which is why it stays longer.

A tinted moisturizer will also lend your face a dewy look, making your skin look shiny, hydrated and supple. And that means you will look beautiful. 

  • Concealer

Be stingy with the concealer. Believe me, you don’t need much of this either. Use it only if it is absolutely essential i.e. if you want to cover pimples and blemishes. Go for a dry textured concealer and apply lightly in areas like under your eyes (if you have dark circles), around the nose, and on patches of uneven skin. Make sure you blend it into your skin thoroughly.  

Use a concealer that matches your skin tone and use it lightly. You don’t want to come to the party looking heavily made-up.

  • Powder 

Once again, I’m stressing on the importance of using light-weight products in order to avoid the cake-y look and to prevent your makeup from sliding off. Using a little loose face powder will set your makeup in place and give you a fresh look.

Several reputed brands offer mineralized powders that are also baked. Dust a bit of it lightly on your face and neck and blend it with your complexion. Do not go for heavy coverage though.

  • Mascara

Women usually use loads of mascara to open their eyes up, but because this is a pool party that you’re attending, the emphasis is going to be on staying as natural as possible. Instead of overdoing the mascara, apply a single coat to your upper eye lashes.

Steer clear of the eye-liner, if you’re going for a clean look. But, if you must apply an eye-liner, go for soft shades like aqua blue, ocean green or earthy brown. Use them with a light hand on your upper eyelids to define them.  

  • Crème Eye Shadow 

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For best results, go for achieving a healthy sheen, rather than glitter or sparkle. Use crème eye shadows instead of powder-based ones. Opt for natural shades like peach with a golden undertone for the shine. Not only do crème eye shadows last long, they also look very subtle and lend a healthy, glossy look to your face.

  • Cheek Stain

When it comes to your cheeks, focus on making them look flushed rather than too rosy. Ditch the powder-based blusher for a cheek stain. Apply a tiny bit of a peach-y shade (match it with your eye shadow) to the apples of your cheeks and blend it into your skin for a sun-kissed look.

  • Lip Stain

To keep the natural look consistently in place, I would recommend using a lip stain instead of lipstick or lip gloss. Pick a color that is closest to the natural color of your lips and you should be able to create the perfect pout.  

Make sure you take it easy and do not go overboard with it. Wearing excessive makeup at a pool party will get you attention, but only for the wrong reasons. While it is okay to be a tiny bit made-up, wearing full makeup is a definite no-no. When you buy makeup, make sure that you specifically mention ‘waterproof’ to the sales woman. Keep the above pointers in mind and you should do well in rocking the pool party.  




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