How to Trim Bangs at Home

5 years ago

As a mother myself, I know that fitting a haircut into a busy schedule can be a challenge. I also know that kids’ hair grows quickly, and can easily get out of control. Over the years, many parents who bring their children to my salons have asked my advice on how to trim bangs at home inbetween cuts. Here are my tips for quick at-home trims for your child’s hair:

What You’ll Need to Trim Bangs at Home

The right tools are essential for nice, even trims at home:

  • Invest in a good pair of shears—your local beauty supply store or pharmacy should carry the kind stylists use for about $20. Don’t try to cut hair with a pair of kitchen scissors; the dull blades create split ends.
  • Newspapers, a garbage bag or a disposable plastic tablecloth to spread under the chair where you’re cutting, for easier cleanup.
  • Both a fine-tooth and wide-tooth comb
  • Spray bottle with water
  • An elastic band or several large butterfly clips
Sitting Still

In my salons, we have staff on hand to sing songs, blow bubbles—anything to distract kids from the sometimes-scary scissors. At home, kids are used to running around, and may have difficulty sitting still. Make sure your child has something to distract her—put on a favorite video or have her read a book while you work.

How To Trim Bangs at Home

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  • Start with dry hair and using a comb secure the hair you don’t want to cut with an elastic band or butterfly clips
  • Divide bangs in half (down the middle), mist hair lightly with water and comb out tangles
  • Measure along the part about an inch from the hairline, use the comb to draw a line from that point to the edge of the hairline at the outer corner of one eyebrow, forming a triangle-shaped section of hair. Clip this section away from the rest and repeat on the other side. Clip the rest of the hair away from these two bang sections.
  • Comb the two bang sections of hair straight down in front of the face then with your fingers, separate the center inch of the bang and hold it down toward the nose as shown. Don’t twist it. Hold it loosely, not taut (or bangs will be too short).
  • With the other hand, hold the scissors straight and snip just below your fingers.
  • Repeat this process with the section of bang on either side of the center one, using the length of the center section as your guide. Evaluate bangs after they dry and touch up if necessary.

Make sure you leave a little wiggle room to fix any mistakes—you can cut hair too short, but you can’t cut it too long! A good bang trim will keep hair out of your child’s eyes, and can keep them from looking disheveled until you can visit the salon.

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