Why Vitamins Are so Important for Hair Growth

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Hair is a vital part of our body and plays a crucial role in making our personality graceful. It is such a beautiful feeling to have healthy and shiny hair. For that reason, taking good care of your hair is very important.

When it comes to hair problems, hair fall, dandruff, brittle and frizzy hair, split ends, oily scalp are some of the most common issues in both men and women. This is needless to say that all these hair problems require proper attention.

While there are lots of hair care products and solutions for aforementioned hair problems, it's extremely important that you intelligently pick the right one for you. Never choose a product because you are watching their ads on the television, instead learn about its ingredients, quality and reputation for the results.

In addition, you can also add herbal dietary supplements to your everyday diet in order to improve your nutrition quality. The good news is that these supplements are also handy for coping with excessive hair loss.

Vitamins are good for your overall hair care. They make an essential part of nutrients required for healthy hair. Moreover, they are very good to treat various hair problems such as hair loss and frizzy hair. For example, DHT is the primary cause of hair loss in men and provillus vitamins make special treatment to block its production.

Like men, vitamins make a good treatment option for hair loss in women which is usually caused by hormonal changes in them. Good vitamins are well-known and traditional supplements that perform exactly the same job for your hair what they promise. They not only give damaged hair follicles a new lease of life but also promote hair growth.

The moderate use of vitamins is critical to maintain good health. They can be a good source of treating hair loss in a simple yet good diet.  For example, vitamin B5, or panthenol, immensely help stop hair loss and promote quick hair growth in both males and females.

Whether taken separately or as a recommended proportion of multivitamin supplement, vitamins B can be helpful in either way. A diet rich in good vitamins is the key for good health and healthy hair. Vitamin B in diet restores normal hair coloration and gives hair strength and shine.

In addition to using vitamins for your hair growth, there are some factors that can better help you with your hair problems.

1.         Chemicals Are Harmful To Your Hair

We tend to buy hair shampoos and conditioners without even knowing their ingredients. There are many hair products that contain several chemicals which are harmful to your hair. Also, they might not be suitable for your hair type.

It's essential to know your hair type so you can better take care of your hair. Since different types of hair products are meant to facilitate different hair types, you should have the knowledge of your hair care products and find out whether they are taking care of your hair or are slowly damaging them.

Never use anti-dandruff shampoos or conditioners that contain alcohol because it not only harms your hair and scalp but also make them excessively dry and cause fungal and bacterial infection.

2.         Check The Ingredients Of Your Hair Care Product

As mentioned earlier, chemicals are extremely harmful to your hair, make sure you check the ingredients your product has. For example, it must have least quantity of surfactants which a lather formal chemical. This is particularly important for those with oily scalp to avoid using a hair shampoo which forms foam.

Also, hair products with Sodium Laurel and Laurel Sulphate can also harm your hair. SLS is a chemical known for forming good lather which is also used in industrial detergents.

3.         Make An Intelligent Oil Selection

Oiling your hair regularly is essential to strengthen hair follicles thereby triggers good hair growth.  However, if you’re oiling your hair on a regular basis and still have hair problems, then it’s time to change your oil. Make sure you choose the right one and use it wisely.

Natural hair products including natural hair oils are filled with real nutrients. For instance, argon oil or Moroccan oil is a healthy option to use for your hair. It not only acts like a natural conditioner but also doesn’t cause your hair to have an oil appearance. It is particularly a good oil massaging option for those who want frizz-free hair.

You can use tea tree oil to keep your scalp bacteria and fungus free. It’s also good for dandruff removal. Sometimes, the mixture of olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil is a very effective remedy for your overall hair problems.


Everyone wants to look beautiful and maintain their personalities. All this calls for good skin care and hair which further requires you to be consistent in your efforts. Hair care is an important part to be taken care of when it comes to your overall health. Vitamins not only make a useful source of nutrients which is very important for your physical and mental health but also are amazing to make your hair healthy and simply beautiful.

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