How to Make a Style & Fashion Vision Board

4 years ago

Ever wake up on a Monday morning and fall into a panic attack because, once again, you have “nothing to wear”? Yeah, that happens. Unless your daily activities require a set uniform that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning, it can be stressful getting dressed in the morning. Whether you have a special occasion to dress up for like an interview, a client meeting or a big presentation at the job, or you just happen to be at a creativity roadblock with your outfit choices, having an inspiration board can really spice things up. You may have amazing style options right at your fingertips but you don’t know it because you’ve never tried to remix your look. Breathe fresh air into your wardrobe by taking your cues from inspiration sources like magazines, websites, and virtual inspiration boards. Here are three inspiration sources anyone can tap into:

Fashion Magazines:

Fashion magazines are normally more aspirational and may feature editorials that are hard for “real women” to replicate to a tee -- but they’re a great starting point for inspiring your style choices. Most fashion magazines have sections dedicated to up-and-coming trends and the “must-have” pieces of the season. Use this as a guide for your upcoming shopping trips. Many style monthlies also feature real women in “street style” sections and fashion profiles. If those women can do it, so can you! Clip pictures of your favorite outfits, swatches of your favorite prints, and unexpected outfit combos. Compile these pictures on a pinboard or a piece of posterboard, and hang your board on the inside of your closet for constant visual stimulation. Switch up your pictures and inspiration swatches every season, so your style is constantly evolving.


Whether you’re tech-savvy or a web novice, Pinterest is a fun and easy-to-use option -- it's basically a virtual inspiration board tool, with pinboard-style photo sharing. It allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. Best of all, you can see everyone else's inspirations: Pinterest serves as a huge database of images that you can use to inspire your style. Repin fashion-forward images from magazine editorials and your favorite blogs, and even upload your own style inspirations from other websites, and keep them all in one convenient place.

Style Blogs:

As a style blogger, I’m biased. is my life, so I’m of course going to suggest you check out sites like mine to get inspired to spice up your fashion and beauty choices! The unique thing about collecting inspiration from style blogs is that there are so many amazing aesthetics to choose from. Everyone has he rown unique flair. The way I rock my studded boots is completely different from the way another blogger will.

Also, you can pull inspiration from bloggers who are shaped just like you. I blog about my outfits primarily to show my readers with curves that they can rock the latest trends just as awesomely as someone who’s a size 2. Another blogger might flaunt her petite body shape for readers who are shaped like her and share her difficulty finding great outfits in the right size.

Search the web, social networks, and even your friends' favorites for new websites. Bookmark them and check them daily for continuous style inspiration!

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