How To Stay Red Carpet-Ready Like Beyonce at the Grammys

4 years ago

It was Grammy Awards night, and what that means in 2013 is another night on the red carpet for Beyonce, fresh off of her Super Bowl half-time appearance last week. All entertainment eyes seem to be on Bey all of the time, but this season, and on Grammy night? They're magnified.

Beyonce always brings it in song and in fashion, and now that she's been around awhile, there are surely some tips we can take away to make our daily style and beauty basics pop.

Don’t chase trends, let trends chase you.

One thing that I love about Beyonce is that she has her own clearly defined style. That’s not to say that she doesn’t embrace trends, because she does. The difference with Beyonce is that she embraces the trends that are right for her and then puts a personal spin on them.

Neck out, chin down.

This is a classic that I learned while taking my senior photos, and something you see on the red carpet all the time, depending on whether someone is following this rule or not. Those four little words will keep you from having a double chin and/or a turkey wattle in photographs that, while they may not be splashed across the front pages as they are for stars like Bey, will still live forever, or at least for those ten minutes on Monday morning before you've had your coffee, on social networks -- and then forever.

Strike a balance: don’t tilt your chin down too far, or you will be all forehead, and remind everyone of MySpace circa 2002. Still? Figure out what flatters you. If you have a side you prefer, work it. Add a slight tilt of your head away from the camera to play it up. Take charge of your approach when the camera's on you. You know Beyonce does.

Pose first, drink later.

I know everyone is a huge fan of pre-dinner drinks, but resist. Get most of your photos out of the way before you finish your first glass of wine. You'll look sharper, and keep the wine blush out of your photos. Not to mention it’s still early in the night, so everything is still in its place.

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Always pass, when it comes to the flash.

We’ve all had it happen: we look great in real life, but in photos we come off like Casper the Friendly Ghost. This ghost-faced phenomenon also has a tendency to pick up on the tiniest bit of shine, and add shadows under the eyes. All of those hazards could lead to you not looking your best. I’m well aware that not every place is going to be well-lit, so a flash might be necessary. When that happens, take a minute to blot your face with an oil-absorbing sheet, or in a pinch a napkin. Find the most lighting you can to cut the harshness of the flash, and, again: neck out, chin down. If all else fails, pull a Beyonce and ask that all the bad photos be destroyed.

When in doubt, go nude.

Beyonce may have three different outfits for one evening, and a plethora of hairstyles, but one thing that rarely changes is her fresh-faced approach to makeup. Keeping it simple means there is a lot less upkeep throughout the night, you don’t have to be an expert to apply it, and you don’t have to lug around a ton of stuff. The biggest bonus for the nude look is if your makeup happens to fade, it’s not a huge contrast from your own gorgeous skin. When doing the nude look, opt for warm neutrals, peachy pink lips, and slight rouge to the cheeks that embrace your natural skin tone.

A few sheets, will keep you looking neat.

Oil-absorbing sheets can keep you from looking like your face is melting. We’ve all come home from a great night out, looked in the mirror and said, “Oh, my God, what happened?” Oil and sweat happened. Keeping a few oil-absorbing sheets with you at all times can keep the dreaded oil monster at bay while keeping your makeup intact.

Bold lips, bright smile.

Not everyone has the money to spend on teeth whitening, or the time to sit around with strips on. Instead, opt for a bold lip with a blue undertone. The bold lip will draw the eyes to your face, while the blue undertone will make your smile look brighter.

Practice does makes perfect.

If your plan is to unveil a new smoky eye or faux lashes, practice a few times before your big night out. To further investigate your new look, take a few pictures. If you look more like a scared raccoon and less like a smokey-eyed goddess, go back to the drawing board. By the time your big night rolls around you will be picture perfect.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime in the pics.

Take a picture. It will last longer. To keep your pout camera-ready, take a little time to exfoliate. Removing dead skin from your lips allows your lip gloss to better hydrate your lips, which will lead to less chapping. Your future self will thank you.

So there's my take on Beyonce's red carpet game plan. What else do you think works for her, and could keep all of us ready for our potential Grammys closeup?

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