HOW TO: Sparkle Manicure

6 years ago

It's Manicure Monday on Wednesday cuz well I was on vacation (insert cheesy grin here).

This week's manicure how to is a sparkle manicure compliments of OPI and Nicole by OPI.

I used my all-time favorite red - OPI's Big Apple Red.  I adore this color so much - I actually just bought three bottles as I have a hard time finding it.  It's the quintessential red with just a small bit of orange.  Very bright.  Very shiny. 

I painted and filed my nails as normal - one layer of base coat and two layers of OPI Big Apple Red.  I waited for each layer to adequately dry before applying another. 

For the "sparkle" effect - I used Nicole by OPI's Have a Heart.  It's essentially a clear coat with very small flecks of gold glitter and pink hearts. 

My first attempt I did a top coat of Have a Heart over the red on every finger nail.

Too much.

Waayyyy too much.  I felt like I should have been in rap video or an episode of Jersey Shore.

I took off all the polish and started again. 

This time only doing the ring finger on each hand.  Just one finger is enough - it gives the manicure a little something extra - without being too over the top.  And - the second application I was better able to manage the glittery polish and hearts.

Because Nicole by OPI's Have a Heart glitter polish is a true glittery polish - you're guaranteed glitter in every brush stroke.  Not so with the hearts.  The hearts aren't really one with the polish as they're heavier than the polish and sink to the bottom of the bottle.  I had a hard time getting them out of the bottle or even staying on the brush. 


However, if you turn the closed bottle upside down the hearts will float towards the bottle opening. Slowly tilt the bottle sideways and gently open the bottle. 

Pour a very small amount of polish onto a paper plate.  Literally a couple of drops will do.  Just make sure to grab with the brush any pink hearts and pour them on the paper plate.  While I only used six hearts (three on each finger nail) I grabbed a few extra hearts just in case.

Apply a thin coat of the glitter polish and then immediately and very gently touch the tip of the brush onto the paper plate with the pink hearts.  Only grab one heart at a time at the tip of the brush.  Gently place the tip of the brush with one pink heart to the wet polish.  Repeat this five more times. 

Let the glittery polish dry - about five to ten minutes (as you now have four coats of polish on your ring fingers).  Apply another thin coat of glittery polish over your ringer fingers only.  The pink hearts look kind of odd if you don't do this last glittery coat.  If you apply one last coat - you'll have glitter over the hearts and they'll blend in more.

Wait another 15-20 minutes before applying a top coat.

I don't recommend trying on your toes.  As your toe nails are so small - it just looks like you have something funky on your toes.

I've had this on for a few days now and love! It will definitely be fun to do on Valentine's Day or just every now and then for something different.

Be sure to check out some of my other manicure How To's.


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