How Should a 30-Something Mom Dress?

9 years ago

My husband and I were strolling at The Galleria this weekend with the boys, when we passed American Eagle Outfitters. "Wanna go in?" he asked, "or are you too old?" As we peered at the ultra-slender mannequins in the window, wearing denim miniskirts and skinny jeans, I said. "No, the biggest size they sell is a 2!" And yes, I'm too old.

First of all, I love American Eagle advertising because the models showing the so-called "Women's" clothes are about 16-years-old. Sorry, if your hips haven't spread, you aren't really a woman yet.

I feel like Goldilocks in the fashion world. That's too tight. That's too old. That's too slutty. Where's my just right?

It's not easy to know what's acceptable and what's not when you're a mom in your 30s. I still gravitate towards the younger hip trendy style, but the bags under my eyes, my impending laugh lines and my two young sons are a good indication I shouldn't be wearing it. Sometimes my wisdom still can't stop me from giving it a whirl.

My favorite faux pas occurred when the Juicy embellished velour sweat suits were popular. I was standing in line at Starbucks and realized I was dressed exactly like the 13-year-old standing next to me. That was embarrassing! I was 31 at the time.

I'm probably the only mom on my block who hates Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT, Banana Republic, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Burberry and the "yuck" list continues. Don't get me wrong! Women look great in these clothes, but it's just not my sense of style. I would shop at Forever 21 or Wet Seal, but I fear the Lauren Conrad-looking size 0 blondie with the perfect butt will card me and kick me out. Or worse, just snicker.

In all honesty, I'm a mixture of Arden B., the junior department at Nordstrom, Bebe (when I'm feeling a bit too confident) and White House l Black Market when I'm just not sure. Express was always a safe bet, but again, I may be growing out of that. Do 30-year-old women shop at Express?

To make matters worse, this year I dressed up as Sarah Palin for Halloween. I wore my hair a bit puffier than normal on top, threw on a suit and a pair of glasses - Bam! But now when I wear my glasses with a suit jacket, all I see is Sarah looking back at me. Ugh, costume backlash! (See pic below.)

Give me a shout out, moms! Who are you and what do you wear? Oh, and in my book, embellished velour sweat suits will always be in!

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