I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

4 years ago

I love the idea of pink Christmas decorations. It’s different…I like different; and it’s beautiful…I like pretty things. I honestly don’t
know why I hadn’t given it much thought until now. Then I saw this picture which
totally inspired me to give it a try.

Although non-traditional for Christmas décor, pink colors
can work because they can give off a soft frosty look or a fun pop of unexpected
color. I’m  totally inspired to give pink a try for Christmas…not this year but maybe

Ok so, first thing’s first; let’s discuss pinkness. There
are so many shades! But basically you have the following:


But, unless you have a design background or a natural eye for
color schemes (of which I have neither) I assume the best way to go about it
is to pick a palette and stick to it.
Here are some ideas I think work well:

Pearlized or Frosted Pink

Iridescent and Glitter 

Hot Pink and Darker Shades of Pink

Accents: Just a Hint of Pink Here and There
Pick a Pink Dessert Theme: 
Despite all of the pretty pink-power shown above; here are some
things that I want to avoid:
Too Much of a Good Thing

Pink Trimmings on a pink canvas is just too overpowering. Also, don't overdo it with the trimmings (of any color); leave some "white space".
Pink on a Light/White Tree
Pink on a background that is too light can end up looking washed out, too 80's, or give off a harsh contrast.

There is nothing wrong with these looks, it's just not what I'm going for. So in the end I think I will be brave and bold and give pink a try (someday). I hope these tips and ideas encourage you to try it too!
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