How often do you wash your hair?

8 years ago

I have a semi-personal question to ask you guys: How often do you wash your hair?

I personally wash it every other day; I love the feel of second-day hair - plus it's so much easier to style, and I worry that washing every day would dry my hair out. However, if I miss a day for some reason, my hair gets too greasy and smelly for my taste. So every other day it is.

I know some people wash every day and I thought that most people would fall into either camp. Then I started reading on the topic, and learned from Stick and Stones Gossip that hairstylist Ken Paves recommends that his clients only wash their hair two or three times a month, so Jessica Simpson allegedly spritzes "her hair with perfume so she doesn't have to wash it."

Really? I mean, I'm not going to lie, I'd love to be able to wash my hair twice a month but there's NO WAY a spritz of perfume would be enough to make me comfortable.

Then of course, I was able to find extreme examples of people who simply don't wash their hair. Like this woman in England who hasn't washed it in over a DECADE:

One brave woman proud of her long locks has admitted her dirty secret - she has not washed her hair for 11 years.Penny Weynberg has decided against spending a small fortune on shampoo and conditioner like most women.

Excuse me, but a decade of not washing your hair? Imagine not washing another part of your body (like your ear or bellybutton) in a decade ... it's a bit much don't you think?

I honestly doubt that most people would go that far, but I'd love to hear from you. How often do you wash your hair? Why do you follow that schedule - do you do it for your hair's health, or do you do it to save money? Let me know!

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