How I Learned to Love Neutral Makeup

5 years ago
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My love affair with makeup started in the early 2000s. Buying and applying makeup was a sport. I’d go to the makeup counter after school and lust over the colors, even though I couldn’t afford a single one. I’d scour makeup forums for tips and ideas. The makeup monster was created.

It came to the point were I couldn't go a day without putting on a few different colors. I remember my mission to create the perfect palette of 15 green eye shadows. I had forest greens, emerald greens, chartreuse, neon --you name it. Did I actually need 15 shades of green eye shadow? Of course not. Did I use them all? Absolutely!


As a blogger, I received emails or YouTube comments every week, with some variation of "I can’t wear (insert any color here) because I have brown skin." There was nothing more annoying for me than hear what people can’t wear. I was close-minded to the fact that people might have just enjoyed a natural-looking face.

I remember doing a video a few years ago, called “Dark Skin Makeup Rant." I basically got fed up with all of the people who said that they just wanted to wear neutrals. They didn't just prefer neutrals; they didn't think they could wear brighter shades. That video got equal parts criticism and praise. I have no regrets.

Around 2010, my color phase seemed to wear off month after month. I didn’t even realize it. I went from wearing 3-4 colorful shadows in one look to wearing two shadows. The next thing I knew, I’d just wear one color on my lid. Before I knew it, I was resorting to colored eyeliner or smudging a color into my black liner.

Now, the first shades I go to are the neutrals. A gold, beige, or soft brown is exactly what I search for when I’m going to put on makeup. I love to wear a neutral cheek, or a bronzy look, any time of day, on any occasion. The look is easy to pull off, and can be pumped up for more drama.

To this day, I still can’t figure out why I was so closed to the idea of neutrals. This change came with maturity, and my evolution as a makeup lover and blogger. While I do wear a bold lip quite often, I love the versatility of a neutral look. Every now and again, I’ll get the urge to apply a glitter eye shadow or a fun blue, green or purple eye look. I’ll always be an advocate for women to try new things, it worked wonders for me!

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