How I Take Self Portraits for the Blog

5 years ago
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I lead a very busy but productive life. As much as I adore and love Sig's work, I do not always have the time to schedule a shoot with him. I am certainly freeing my calendar this summer for creative fun with him but until then, I rely on my camera, tripod and wireless remote. They are the necessary trifecta to getting the perfect selfie. I almost always shoot in Av ( Aperture Priority) and tend to manually focus but most of these were in auto focus because I was moving around so much! I also like playing around with the different picture styles on my Canon and Monochrome and Neutral seem to be my faves! What I adore about this dslr (Canon T3i) is that I can flip my LCD screen so that I can see myself and where the camera is focusing before I press the shutter. I really enjoy my selfie shoots because I can practice poses and faces without having to
 take anyone's time or use up someone's shutter actuation.

Hat: Thrifted/ Crop Top: JcPenney / Skirt: Calvin Klein Jeans/ Belt: Forever 21


I recently got Light Room and having an
absolute BLAST playing around with post processing. I am not sure why I
had an issue with it before but editing can really add depth and
different moods to a seemingly "normal" picture.
Thank You Perfect Locks for the fabulous hair!
Not gonna lie, Im pretty obsessed with this straw cowboy hat I copped from Goodwill. Its in perfect condition and an extra large brim for those uber sunny days. 
Along with my SPF 50 its my skin cancer prevention uniform!