How to Host a Clothing "Swap It" Party

9 years ago

closetNow that Labor day has passed, "that" time of year is upon us again. I am referring to the begrudging task of pulling your fall/winter clothing out of the attic, and weeding through your summer clothes to decide what's worth keeping in storage until next year. A great rule of thumb is, if you didn't wear it this year, why save it for next? On the same token, when sorting through your fall clothes, if you didn't wear it last year don't bother hanging it back in your closet to take up further space.

Consider repurposing some of these garments by using a pair of scissors, new buttons, changing trim, or shortening hemlines (or sleeves) for a different look. Transform an old belt, simply by changing the buckle. For the clothes that simply "wont do" anymore, you can always load up your car and take your clothing to the nearest goodwill or salvation army and be done with it, but where does that leave you? Next thing you know you are looking at a bare closet with a burning desire to fill it again.

In order to avoid the shopping malls, and the pitfalls of consumerism, embrace an eco-friendly form of "green consumerism" and significantly reduce your consumption of new clothing, purses, and accessories (and resources required to make them) by swapping! To "borrow" a tag line from, "Swapping is the new shopping!". What is you ask? " is an online fashion swap party where you can swap, sell and buy fashion, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and lots more with people from all around the world at any time, day or night!" - and is 100% FREE to join!

Or, you can join in the fun with your friends, in the comfort of your own home, by hosting a "Swap It" party!

  1. Send out Evites in place of wasteful paper invitations.  Invite atleast 10 people in order to provide a good selection.  When making your guest list- include their sizes- so you are sure to invite more than one guest in a particular size.
  2. Set up by departments (i.e. pants, tops, accessories/purses/shoes). For easy "shopping", have tables set up by size.  If you don't have a clothing rack, rent one, or find ways to be creative  for your hanging items.
  3. Have "dressing rooms" available for trying on that provide a mirror and privacy.
  4. Have a "zero-waste" party by using eco-friendly, reuseable tablecloths and napkins, tableware, utensils, and drink cups. 

Most of all, keep it fun, that means no fighting over items.  A game like Rock Paper Scissors for breaking up "negotiations" that are going nowhere can be fun.  Be sure to "shop til you drop", get your daily dose of gossip,  and catch up on your girl talk!

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